Monday, March 7, 2011

My favourite bird on my favourite flower - how good is that!

This weekend was a very busy one, and as I hurried past the lipstick plant  I could feel something watching me.  The little yellow honeyeater was busy sucking nectar and clearly did not want to be disturbed.  He was not moving though, and I hurried to get the camera, to find him still there - hopping from branch to branch sucking up what must have been delicious nectar.  Here is his head right inside the flower

Looking around to see if I am still there,

Are you still there? he seems to say, and assessing the situation, decides I am not a threat.

 Lovely yellow tummy and bright blue on the throat.
 Just need to get some more of this....
 then he posed quietly - thinking he would be invisible......
 The iridescent blue needs a flash of sunlight to show its true beauty.
what a lovely find - and thank you dear little bird for posing for the camera :)
I think this is the olive backed honeyeater - the male has the iridescent front bib, whereas the female is plain yellow.   They are quite common in my garden and we enjoy seeing them have a bath in the birdbath every evening.   They make a  sweet little chattering noise.  We have even had a couple of nests outside the windows.   The dusky honeyeater is more common, and less shy- they don't have the brilliant front section.


  1. How fortunate of you! I feel so happy you managed to get many good shots. Yesterday, a yellow and black bird came by. Before I could run in to get my camera out, it flew off. Another time.

  2. What lovely photos! It's great to see birds we don't have in my area. Your honey eater is quite handsome, and he really cooperated for you!

  3. Yes thanks to this dear bird ;-) I hope it has found some food from the flower.

  4. What a beautiful little bird and how lucky you were able to get such an amazingly clear set of close-ups! Quite obviously he felt completely safe in your presence :)

  5. It was such a delight to see your pictures! You must have been very quiet to get so many lovely poses.

  6. Lovely shots. I saw my first live honeyeaters last month in a butterfly habitat in Chicago. Very cute little birds. How nice to have them in a garden!

  7. AA: Great shots! That little bird was really making the perfect poses for you! Yes, a lovely bird on a beloved plant is such a beautiful thing, and it must have enlighted your day!

  8. Wow! Your honeyeater is beautiful and what great shots you captured! You guys have the most awesome birds Down Under.

  9. Very cute, and he posed so nicely! :)

  10. thanks for all the comments! I think the only reason he stayed for so long was that he must have been enjoying his feed immensely.

  11. Wow! I wish I could grow that plant... in the UK it is a little too cold, and your honey eater is such a beautiful bird.


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