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I don't know what happened - I just took a break from blogging.  As each of my eggplant turned up their noses and succumbed to bacterial wilt I began to wonder if gardening was really all it is cracked up to be....  This was how I was feeling about trying to grow a few measly vegetables in the tropics.  What with the cost of organic fertilizers, mulches, compost bins, seaweed tonics, etc I was probably paying about 50.00 for each cucumber I got out of my veggie garden!  Then I saw a flower spike on my aloe vera :)  Gosh, I wondered, have any of my loyal readers ever seen an aloe vera in flower (I never have) It is such a pretty flower too - look at those little bell shaped flowers, and it sure is attracting lots of pollinators.  So that one little flower spike has managed to give me back my mojo!   We have been enjoying the cucumber, and even have enough to share with the neighbors. There is also lots of bok choy which I have been picking small before the bugs

Mulch, propagating and gifts from neighbours

My favorite gardening show Gardening Australia talked about growing plants solely for mulch.   A waste of space I thought while watching it.  I recently cut back my lemongrass for mulch, but still harvest it for cooking and tea.  One plant that has not been used for much is the cardamom.  I was so excited  upon finding my first plant.  Gosh I could grow my own cardamom seeds ... but no!  It seems that the only cardamom I can grow here is called false cardamom.  The leaves have a very strong smell, and I suppose you could use them in cooking, but mostly the plant gets overgrown and I eventually cut it back and use it as mulch!  I set some aside to see if any of my neighbors want some.  I have the idea (totally un-supported) that strong smelling leaves such as lemongrass and cardamom used as mulch will chase away bugs.  I planted a clump behind the pawpaw and comfrey,  and then I moved my little "potting bench" out into the garden.  I started off some cuttings of plants tha

I blame it on the moon

Ever since I put the little moon badge on my blog I have been noticing how fast time flies.  I have had all sorts of blog posts forming in my mind, but not got around to posting them... One is about how I cut back and weeded the area alongside the swimming pool.  The lemon grass makes lovely mulch, now hopefully I can keep it looking neat and tidy.  Along with the lemongrass, there are other herbs for use by any of the local residents.  There are a couple of cherry tomato plants, sawtooth coriander, a couple of basil plants, and this plant, mother of herbs, which is a little like oregano, a little like thyme, in fact very much like a bouquet garni, in a  tropical package.  I am hoping it will spread all over as a ground cover, keeping the weeds out of the garden. Then I also thought about writing about the colour in the garden.  this little section always brings a smile to my face. Even the area behind the gate is settling down and looking  nice, although it does need a bit