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It is December already!

 Looking back I seem to now be posting once a month instead of once or twice a week.  Maybe this is my new normal.  In fact I told my daughter in Germany that since the garden is established there doesn't seem to be as much to write about as when I was designing and building up the garden.  She promptly decided to fix that!   She has signed me up to a 6 month seed delivery!   How blessed I am! How lovely that they include her note.  I received my first package and that is a fairly good choice of seeds for this time of year, although the cucumber might just get downy mildew.  I only planted half the seeds.... hedging my bets.  You never know with the wet season.   I already had some basil growing along the edge of the new long raised beds, so planted out the basil all along the edge. I think it is the same kind - Mammoth basil.   Lots of pesto in my future if they all come up.   I was speaking to my daughter and saying that I only plant one seed per hole, why plant two just to pull