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A little art in my garden

The fence outside our living room has been bothering me lately.  I have been toying with making it a green wall, and then I had the brainwave of moving the mural that my younger daughter made for me many years ago.  I think I have found the perfect spot for it!  It is semi protected by the tree above. It is so nice to look out on something pretty.  We are still on the lookout for another gazebo - just watching the sales and clearance racks as they seem to have jumped up in price.  I attached some plants on the sides.  My dear hubby spent hours during the week pressure washing all the pavers, since they get mouldy and slippery.    While I was cutting back the mandevilla on the back fence - Gosh that grows like crazy! - I discovered a hanging basket of orchids had tipped over because the plant was so heavy and the branches were reaching out and hooking into other plants.  I could not straighten it in the basket, so decided I would try it on a stand in one of those plastic basket

Home veggie gardens can save the world

I have been following the articles posted  on The Conversation.    Research from The Food and Agriculture Organization has discovered that in actual fact three quarters of the worlds food  is grown in family farms.  I get quite frustrated when I hear of all the food that is actually sent to landfill from large scale agriculture.  I know that each little deformed tomato or spotty cucumber out of my garden has been loved along its growth journey and gets pride of place on my plate, but I certainly don't grow enough to feed the family.  I think Morag Gamble at our Permaculture Life  has done some marvelous work in introducing permaculture classes to families in Kenya. Every little family farm and home veggie garden should be inspired and helped in every way possible. I am a great believer in building up healthy soil in order to produce lots of healthy produce in my little garden.  There is so much conflicting thought on the matter, and in fact without planning it I have ended up