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I have something to tell you.....

Come on in to my garden.... I have something to tell you  Sit down in the comfy chair  for a little while, and listen to the tinkling of the wind chimes - are you relaxed? Good!  Remember how I entered that garden competition, and the judges came, and they wandered down my paths, taking photos?  Yes! I won runner up! a Fifty dollar gift card ........ from a real nursery, not the big box store that I normally shop at.  Oh gosh, how exciting.... I wonder what I will buy? Thank you Cairns Regional Council!

Buds and blossoms in shades of pink

I have a bunch of lovely flower photos and thought they might brighten someones day.  I am often in awe at how beautiful buds are before they open into their full blown glory as flowers.  Take this bud of the Desert rose, such a perfect whorl. In fact a whole bunch of perfect whorls. Then slowly one by one they open up into the most perfect trumpet shaped flowers. The ground orchids stand up firm and proud above the leaves around its base. i think the green ants are part of the fertilization process. Maybe the leaves know enough not to try and compete with the beautiful flowers. The Rex Begonia buds are flat unassuming disks but then they unfold into these pretty little beauties. All these flowers last so long once they open and add continuous colour to my tropical garden.