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and I am ready to go...... leaving for a whole months holiday with my two daughters in America.  I have mulched and fertilized, and leaving with strict instructions for my hubby to make sure that he harvests the vegetables, as I dont want them to stop producing.  He is not an eggplant fan, and the eggplant have suddenly started producing.  My neighbours love them, so they will be happy.   There are also cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, bok choy and herbs.  also passionfruit and pawpaw.  I think the silverbeet, beetroot, and cauliflower will take a bit longer. I noticed over the weekend that my tree fern was looking very sad, with crisp dry leaves.  The cause seems to be a kink in the soaker hose, which was preventing the water from getting to the plant.  All this time I thought I was watering, and it was only going half way!  I fixed the problem and gave everything a good long soaking.  I am not totally in love with soaker hoses, they seem to rot so easily, and if they get