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Christmas welcome basket

On the way down to some doctors appointments in Cairns I lucked out when I arrived in Bunnings just as their monthly garden group began.  They provided pots, plants, decorations and soil to make your own Christmas centerpiece.  This is my favorite store, but now it has been elevated!  Look at what I made.  I love that dichondra silver falls - they are always talking about that on Gardening Australia, and I even got another lipstick plant which will eventually have to go into its own hanging basket. The pointsettia should be in an area that does not get light in the evenings to help it keep its colour. It is more of a welcome basket than a centerpiece, and gives a lovely christmassy welcome feel to the entrance.   I do surveys to accumulate points which I then trade in for Bunnings coupons, and there really is nothing better than free shopping in my opinion.  I had accumulated 70.00 in coupons, so had fun looking for bargains to make my free money go even further.  I found tons of

Dragonfruit flowers

Last night my neighbour called me and told me that the dragonfruit flower had opened.  this one has dropped over onto her side of the fence. It seems to be night blooming, lovely huge flowers, so there we were, cameras in hand, recording the event. Just look at those stamens....  This morning the flower was already beginning to droop and close up.  then all the energy will go into forming some yummy dragonfruit.  There are two other flowers forming.

Planting seeds in anticipation

 I placed an order for some seeds, and as usual couldn't resist adding in some that I am not sure are going to grow here (in the wet season too!) Sorrell Sunflower - sunbird Cucumber - redlands long white Carrot all season Sweet william - summertime mix Rosella Asparagus - Mary Washington Eggplant tsakoniki Angled luffa I really want some flowers - for a couple of years I had yellow cosmos and they were awesome for attracting butterflies, this year I thought I would try some sunflower and sweet William.  Everyone says you cant grow carrots and cucumber in the wet season, but I see them at the markets, so thought I would give it a  try.  The cucumbers are against this fence, with sweet potato in front.  I have used this bed for ginger for quite a few years, so thought I would switch it over, and put the ginger in other places. the tomato plant is still looking healthy so I will leave it there in case it gives me another flush of tomatoes before it succumbs to