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Wet season - the flowers enjoy it but I wilt a bit!

Last week we had cyclone Oswald meandering around the area  to the north of us.  We had some flooded roads and a bit of wind, but nothing damaging.   This week it has been wreaking havoc to the south of us - thinking of you and praying for those whose houses have been damaged through flooding just after getting back on your feet after the floods two years ago. It was amazing to see the true Aussie spirit shine through and hordes of wonderful volunteers helping others in need.  Hopefully it doesn't take long for the floodwaters to subside and the clean up to begin. My garden loves the rainy season, these ground orchids really shine at this time of year.  The way these buds are wriggling their way out of the casing reminds me of a fat lady wearing a too tight dress.  Like me after Christmas dinner!  Ah free!  there is something really lovely about white flowers.  These are in the cinder blocks all along the front of my veggie patch.  My veggies have not bee doing so well late

A challenge - grow your blog

There is nothing like a challenge to get me up and going again.  I haven't wanted to post photos of my overgrown garden until I can get out there and tidy things up a bit.  Until my back heals, squatting down and weeding is a definite no-no.  So this blog has been very quiet for a couple of weeks. Then I saw this on  Louise's blog  ......................a blogfest! Click  here  for more details. During the three years that I have been blogging I have found myself venturing out into different categories, and learning so many new things from fellow bloggers.  My list is getting a little stale and maybe needs some re-vamping!  So right on time!  A challenge!  I will be hosting a give-away on my blog this 18th, and hope to discover lots of new friends worldwide.   This has always been a slow time in my garden -  right in the middle of the hot and humid wet season.  Nothing new is planted, and what is growing has to be willing to stand up to the elements, so the garden is

The tropical wet season

Once the rains start in, everything seems to grow overnight.  I would love to get out and cut some things back, and do some digging, but no - I am being very careful with my back, and just observing the garden from  the safety of the swing.  One of the first plants to herald the arrival of the rains are the bromeliads - The tips of this one turn a bright pink - like a painted fingernail... My neigbour told me that bromeliads with spikes like more sun...   I have heard this one referred to as the hurricane bromeliad, so they are right on time. This is  the cyclone season as it is called in the Southern hemisphere. From this dingy rosette of green leaves a gorgeous flower pops up, and the best thing is that they stick around for weeks.  another plant showing its colours is the red anthirium - it is a tiny plant, and I got a little pup from my neighbour ages ago - suddenly it has a lovely flower.  Lovely colour - some of my bigger pink anthiriums are more green than pink - I ha