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Sensible little Christmas gifts

Most times towards the end of the year I start looking around for ideas in which I can share my love of gardening and crafting and baking with those I love. One year I dried herbs in the microwave and they dried nice and crisp in 30-60 seconds.  I used a mix of Rosemary, mother of herbs and kaffir lime leaves and lime peel. A tropical herb mix from my garden, and a recipe for  stuffed vegetables stuffed roast vegetables, it is very yummy.  So easy to slip the packet and recipe in with a Christmas card. One year I crocheted snowflakes - check out all the free patterns  here at Cratsy   I also made crocheted angels. There are some angel patterns on Interweave , so nice to be able to share free patterns.  Either of these can just be slid into a Christmas card, making it just a bit special. I love to make gingerbread men, biscotti and shortbread as they are easy to put into little cellophane bags and tie up with a pretty ribbon. One year I found these tiny aerogram not