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Flowers and birds enjoy the garden in April

For multiple reasons, I have not spent much time out in the garden lately.  Life sometimes takes over, but I am so lucky to live in a climate where the garden merrily keeps on growing, all by itself....The old gazebo trellis is where I tied up a bunch of Tilladsia (airplants)  and placed a bunch of orchids in pots on the shelf below it - they are all badly in need of re-potting.  I have been noticing a bit of colour in the area lately, and the Tillandsia are really putting on a  show.  the tibouchina also love this time of year, and are continually covered in these lovely purple blooms.  These angel wing begonia struggle through the heat and humidity of the summer, and then show all their glory as the weather cools down a bit.  Even the cordeline leaves seems more brilliant.  I keep threatening to pull out all these tissue paper costus, until they flower that is......  There are always lots of birds in my garden, but a  lot of them are small and flighty and very hard

Garden share collective April 7th

It is garden share collective time again!  I hope everyone had a very happy Easter, I had lots of fun with friends and family and even managed to fit some gardening into my four day weekend!  Link up here  for this months gardens. April is a busy time in our gardens up here in the tropics.  Of course we never know if we will get a late cyclone, or if the hot weather is going to hang on and fry everything before it gets established.  I had taken down the shaecloths, but then a dear friend gave me a vanilla plant, and I realized that my little perrenial bed really does need shade full time.  The pepper plant was also showing signs of distress from the hot sun.  The perfect spot for the little vanilla plant was chosen, with a nice trellis to climb.  The small shade cloth was put back up again, and lots of lovely leaf mold and compost spread around. The long green beans are suddenly taking off, but climbing right over the canopy of the barbados cherry. I tied a few st