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Garden share collective July 2014

Once again another month has rolled by and it is time to link up with  Lizzie at Strayed from the Table  our monthly collective where we share what has happened in our gardens for the last month and what we hope to be working on for the next month.  Wrapping up June and heading into July. Last month I wanted to work on: harvesting some food from the garden.  How did I do with that?  Not so great.... since we have had so much rain and not much sunshine there has not been much going on in the garden veggie wise. The salad greens and cherry tomatoes are the mainstays in the garden    A couple of pawpaws, some bok choy, lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes.   A few cucumbers before the vine succumbed to powdery mildew.  The same story with the squash. Certainly not much of a harvest for all the work I put into the garden.  :( Soooo.... I live in the tropics, and when you go walking in the bush there are trees, and undergrowth.  I have been hearing a lot about food forests l

Orchids and bromeliad in flower at the same time

My white orchid is the most prolific flowerer, but the last time it flowered the ants climbed up the stem and ate the flowers!   I was devastated, and made sure it didnt happen again.  As soon as I saw the buds forming this time I brought the plant inside. The grubby outside pot doesn't look so good, and it didn't fit into any of my other containers.  I just wrapped it in a piece of cellophane and jammed it in halfway.  I like the idea of bringing in the flowering orchids, so will have to either pot them up into pots that fit into my containers or purchase other containers. This is one of my most succesful orchids, flowers every six months, and this time has two flowering stalks, and at the top of one of the "branches?" there are a few leaves with some roots that I presume I can re-pot and start another plant. I have a selection of mismatched hanging pots and one of them doesn't even work anymore and hangs at a tipsy angle. One of the pots is marked 4.00,