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New plants always get me out into the garden

I spent a few days with a friend of mine last week.  Having a break and doing "girl stuff"  like yoga on the deck, coffee and beach walks in the afternoon.   How lovely, I really need to do more of that in my retirement!  I came away with a few different plants and an extra basket that she didnt want. Over the weekend we had an open garden event and I had been so inspired visiting other peoples gardens, and picked up a few seeds.   Seeds from my area are always the best, as they have become acclimatised.  I popped a few into some pots and have been taking good care of them.  I also planted out some Thai pink egg tomatoes a while back, and every seed has come up!  Defenitely enough to share around., I am just letting them get a big bigger. At the open gardens I fell in love with coleus once again, so was pleased to get some cuttings from my friend.  I planted them out in the little bed next to the gate.  Probably the sunniest spot in my garden.   I re-did the edging, but need

Veggies are flourishing

 At the start of our growing season I seem to struggle with the veggie garden, and then suddenly notice that things start going better.  At the same time though, the bandicoots always seem to find a way in.  So finding and repairing holes in the fences is a daily occurance lately.  Our fences are old, so they push against the fence, and burrow under it until they create access.  I then fill in the hole and screw a piece of wood against the fence, or place a heavy rock against it. It is heartbreaking to go out every morning and find my new little seedlings dug up.... The raised beds are just high enough that they cannot get in, so at the moment it is just the herb spiral and I think I need to create some sort of bandicoot fence around that. I have been harvesting these eggplant - a few every day.  They grow in little bunches. The other produce I harvested was my pumpkin. the vine has started flowering again in two different areas, so far only male flowers, but I am keeping my eye out to