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Sourdough Adventures!

When I came back from overseas, one of my friends gave me an old sourdough starter.  Old is good when it comes to sourdough, and this one had been handed around for at least 10 years.  I had heard and read about sourdough over the years, but when I started to make the first loaf I did feel a little out of my depth.  As I started to knead it I added more flour until the dough began to feel more like a regular dough.  I baked that loaf in my cast iron pan with the lid.  The taste was good and sour, it had a nice crust, but it was heavy. Last week I got a book out of the library called "sourdough" by Yoke Mardewi, and now this is a baker who knows her dough!  It is an amazing book that goes into great detail on every step of the way, and each recipe is so detailed, leaving nothing to chance.  I often make pita bread and have it ready in the freezer for a fast meal, so that was the first recipe I chose.  Then I decided to make hot cross buns   mainly because I really do

Bunches of carrots!

I have been MIA for a while now, a lot has been happening.  I suddenly found myself unemployed because of the company downsizing.  I am 18 month off of official retirement age, so am taking things slowly as I look for some part time work.   The first thing I did was to go overseas and spend a month with each of my daughters, one in Europe and one in the US.  Dear hubby stayed home and held down the fort.  He did a wonderful job and when I arrived home I found a bumper crop of carrots in the veggie patch just waiting to be harvested.  they are called red cored chantenay, and I will definitely grow them again - I love the short stubby shape.  Considering I have just been in France, the name also sounds a little exotic!  My veggie patch did really well, with flowers intermingled with the veggies.  The only pests are the little green grasshoppers.  Surprisingly my kale did very well, and i am still enjoying it, even though the weather has turned hot and humid and here I thought it woul