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Back home again, and one bed sorted

Well, my holiday is over, and I have been slowly getting settled in.  My poor hubby was overwhelmed by bandicoots and scrub hens the entire time I was gone.   I think all the holes in the fence are now repaired, so the bandicoots are no longer bothering us, and a plastic kite hanging up in the pawpaw tree seems to have scared the scrub hen away. Personally I think they saw I was gone and saw the place as being un-protected!  The boss is back now.... The lady slipper orchid vine is showing off its awesome flowers.  I arrived back to find a lovely little package from Kim at  The little black cow .  I had sent her some cordeline stems and she said they are now sprouting, I hope they bring her lots of tropical colour.  She sent me some goat soap and some gem squash seeds in return.  It is so dry right now that it might be a good time to give the gem squash seeds a  try yet again.  I added lots of compost and planted a row of seeds against the fence.  The choko is supposed to be cov