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Dragon fruit loves all this rain

We have had flooding and rain, and more flooded roads and mudslides.  It was a busy week last week  just trying to get around!  some of the plants though are in their element with all this rain.  The dragonfruit has burst into flower again.  I think this is the third flush of fruit this season!  It is supposed to be part of the cactus family which I thought didn't like too much water.  Shows what I know! Here you can see the native bees which gather around pollinating the flowers.  There are also green ants, so not sure if it needs both, but they definitely do their job well! The flowers open during the night and then by the afternoon are just a hanging bunch of petals.  Short but sweet life!  Off to the left you can see the flowers that flowered the night before. This is the most beautiful flower, followed by very tasty fruit! I know I do go on about the dragonfruit , but this yummy goodness on my yoghurt is what is to come!

Seafood parcels - something a little fancy

Every now and then I like to make something a little fancy for dinner.  Seafood marinara is something we buy quite often as it is a good deal, especially when it goes on special.  Sometimes I cook it with green curry paste and coconut milk,   add in a few snow peas and carrots and served over rice.  Quick and easy and even great as leftovers for lunches. Then I had an idea that I wanted to create some fish in a bag recipes.  I lay out some baking paper, doubled crosswise as shown and began to layer what I had on hand.  Seafood, sliced green onions, grated zest and juice of a couple of limes.  Peas, broad beans and  a few cherry tomatoes, halved.  Some fresh herbs from the garden and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  I gathered the ends and tied them with string, then baked in the oven alongside some vegetables I had roasting.  The oven was hot, about 220*C so I left them in for about twenty minutes. I loved how the flavours were so fresh and the lime especially brought a zing to

Time to get the veggie garden going again.

I am very excited to be preparing the raised beds to grow my vegetables this year.  I grow from seed so do not want to miss the beginning of the growing season.  Of course we never really know when the wet season is going to end, but most people rely on April being the time when one can plant out seedlings.   I might be a little early, but want to stagger my plantings, so will only start off a few each weekend. I did go a little crazy with seeds, but will share around some of the seedlings with friends and family.  I am starting out marketmore cucumber, San Marzano and Tommy toe tomato, Tsakoni eggplant, and rainbow chard.  The greenhouse where I start the seeds is semi shaded, and I am making sure to water every day.  This is an old greenhouse, and the zipper no longer works, but I dont think I want it zipped up tight anyway because I want the fresh air inside. It was a great buy, and I have had it now for about three years.  Even though I live in a hot climate and dont need it