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Curried Chickpea stacks

I entered a recipe into the Grains and Lentils competition and am now in the top picks. So exciting! Check it out I just love cooking with chickpeas and found that these patties and the rice mix freeze very well so have been awesome for lunches.  I hope you like this recipe. There is still time to enter if you are quick.

Garden Share collective May - better late than never!

Here we are already halfway through the month and still no veggie garden catchup.  Hubby sent me a photo of the veggie garden to show that he was watering as requested, so I thought since I have one photo I will be able to give you a run down of how things are going in my veggie patch. It is most unusual for us not to have any rain, and I must admit that the garden has been struggling. I just never seem to find the time to water. Luckily the fact that I now have quite a bit of shade from the Barbados cherry the soil is not sitting in the hot sun and those shady areas seem to be doing just fine.   The long green beans are going crazy and have gone right over the top of the Barbados cherry.  There are lots of beans that I miss and then only notice once they are dry and wrinkly.  Oh well I now have plenty of seeds to share around!  They are pollinated by green ants which can cause a nasty bite, and so it is not always pleasant picking them and avoiding the ants.  I guess I can always