Up-cycling fabrics

  In our hot and humid climate, jeans are not big movers in our op shop.  We had a $1 a pair sale rack, and still have full racks..... so I decided to make up a few different bags to see if we can somehow save these items from landfill.

 Re-fashioning those items into something useful. 

I made a few variations just to try out the market and sold this one on the first day they were put out! Each one is individual, depending on what fabric I have available.

I tend to lay things out, and then just play around a bit.  Here I am laying out all the options before I start sewing.

 I have joined a facebook group which is so inspirational and supportive.   
So often, it is just a case of seeing what is there, and then using it in the best way possible.  I was excited to find this tote bag, which was perfect as the lining of a bag for a teenager. this was also snapped up quickly.

The bags were hung up at the op shop and hopefully this will continue to be a good venture, to keep clothing from landfill and to value-add our products.

 Do you make items from clothing that would have been thrown into the trash bin?  It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction, and I am so glad to be doing my little bit.  I look at it in the whole scheme of things when I see on the news about piles and piles of garments thrown away and know what I am doing is just a drop in the ocean.  
I just know that I am doing my little bit here and there. 
 One step at a time.


  1. I have never tied upcycling clothing but what I see in the web (including yours) is quite inspirational. Perhaps I will give it a go sometime.

  2. How wonderful Gill. I was actually just looking on Pinterest for patterns to make bags with jeans that are paint stained, but that I don't want to throw away, so this is just perfect! In the last 2 or 3 years I have been buying clothes from op-shops and I have found some beautiful things. Still I find it amazing that there are so many op-shops packed with clothes and I wonder if they will ever sell....while more and more clothes are being manufactured still. Crazy world.


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