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Forests of colourful tropical flowers in my tropical garden

The hot and humid wet season seems to suit the tropical flowers much better than  it suites me. I still gaze in awe at the fact that the Anthirium is one of my most carefree plants.   From one plant gifted by a friend years ago when I was first starting my garden, I now have a forest!  I have also passed on multiple plants to other gardeners, so it is a gift that keeps on giving.   There is also a forest of red ginger - so reliable. Way in the back corner are one of my favourite tropical heleconias - the sexy pink lady.  Once each stem has flowered it will die, so I need to get out there and cut back the dead stalks. That way the flowers can be the centre of the show again. Theese beehive gingers seem to be playing peek a boo against the side fence.  They are tucked away behind the fan palms. This has been one of the driest wet seasons I have ever known.  Last week there was a cyclone to the northwest of us and one to the southeast, leaving us

Garden share collective February 2015

Golly how is it already time for another garden update! Yes, like Lizzie at Garden share collective    who hosts this link up, we have had a bit of rain over the last month, but not what we normally get.  We have also had incredible heat.  36 degrees celcius, with 68% humidity!  Basically the garden is just humming along on its own.  I nip out every now and then to check that it is still there, and dribble on a bit of water if anything looks dry.  Within a half hour it is dry as a bone again!  The okra is doing ok, although they still look rather spindly, I popped in a few more seeds, they have to be hardy plants to survive this weather.  I was hoping for a little okra forest, but not sure that is going to happen.  I have one little okra pod, and it has stayed this size for weeks.  Is it ready to be picked?  I thought it was supposed to be burgundy. The okra is in the front of the herb spiral - that area does not get any shade from the shade cloths.  the franzipani tree pr