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Only in the tropics - a giant Goanna called a lace monitor comes knocking on our door.

Hubby heard someone knocking on the door so he went to have a look and this is what he found.....

Ulysses butterfly visit for my birthday!

Once again the ulysses butterfly visits my garden - I hope she lays some eggs and we will have some baby ulysses on the way. Once again my hubby is the one who took these awesome photos.  He has infinite patience - I suppose he has to - he puts up with me. The same silly cyclone that bothered us last week has turned around and is heading back our way again!  I had a lovely dinner planned with friends, I am just hoping it is all a scam and the dinner will go ahead. 

Desert rose

The extreme heat forced all my desert roses to send out lots of seed pods.  I have never seen so many seed pods! Look at these little babies!  Arent they cute with their fat bellies?  I kept the white ones separate as they are prime and very hard to get, we will see what happens when they flower.  Here is an empty pod - they explode with seeds and feathery wings which scatter with the wind. This is the pink one, I also have red and white.  They flower for most of the year, and dont need much care at all.   One of my favourites.

Garden share collective, heading into March

 February was a very short month, and with the heat and humidity here, I have really only ventured out into the garden when absolutely necessary.  It is time to catch up with Lizzie at the Garden share collective , and see how everyone fared with huge amounts of rain - normally it is us that have huge amounts of rain!  We normally dont have to water at all at this time of year, but I have been giving the garden a  good drink once or twice a week, if we havn't had any rain.  I want my plants to develop deep roots.  I keep spreading out compost as a mulch so that will keep the moisture in the soil as it breaks down.  The shade cloths also keep the garden soil cooler. The main purpose during the wet season is to make sure that the soil is covered and the plants that grow now get the moisture they need.  This is also the season where there are lots of bugs, some I dont even see, but I certainly see the chewed holes in the leaves.  My red papaya is showing signs of flowering.  It is