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Garden design -in Garden share collective October.

I feel a bit of a fraud calling what I did a design.  More of an evolution. A note about my old photos: I was having trouble with my smart phone and stopped syncing photos, then thought I would delete them off my phone so free up room.  Take my advice - don't do that - it removes them from Picasa permanently.  So you will just have to use your imagination about what the garden first looked like. :( Basically there was just lawn and I covered sections with cardboard, and lots and lots of mulch.  (I got an eight ton load from the tip)  Slowly as that broke down I planted, ornamentals on the side and a veggie garden out the back.   The veggie garden is a triangular shape. One of the first things I read about was a herb spiral and I got a few big rocks and built up a small spiral, filling in the centre with crusher dust which is very well draining. I managed to retrieve an old photo of the herb spiral.  My main purpose was to be able to grow rosemary, something that struggles h

Backyard birds - are you counting?

When my brother was visiting with his very fancy camera and lots of long lenses, he took some awesome bird photos. I will share with you one of the awesome photos my brother took of a kookaburra when he was here... He said he was happy for me to share it here. Sometimes though it is not so much the equipment, it is what you have on hand.  I captured this lovely rainbow on my phone camera on the way into work one morning, and now use it on my desktop.  It makes me feel so peaceful. I dont have the equipment to be taking professional photos, but it got me a little bit interested in what all the birds in my neighbourhood are called.  I was sitting watching my veggie garden grow last weekend - that is gardening too isnt it?  The rainbow lorikeets make such a racket feasting on the berries high up in the neighbours garden, and then I suddenly noticed two large white birds sitting on a branch.  From lots of running in and out with bird books, binoculars etc I eventually discover

Lime green is the colour of the day

My microgreens came up so nicely and I was just about ready to harvest some for my dinner, when -whoosh - overnight something mowed them down - they are now just a bunch of little green sticks.  Sometimes growing food in the tropics is just way too hard. Luckily I can spend time with my flowers - the sexy pink lady is flowering again.  I was trimming some branches and look who hopped onto my hand!  I found him a nice leafy branch to move onto.

Garden share collective September - all about seeds

This month is all about seeds.  Connect with others at the Garden Share Collective. I must admit I am not always very good at saving seeds.  Last collective I showed a lovely photo of my bok choy flowering.  I have been keeping an eye on the seeds as they began to form, last weekend I looked for my little paper seed collecting bags, and then got distracted.  Ooops - now they seem to have scattered with the wind.  A lot of my seed saving is like that, and next year I will have bok choy coming up in that same spot. A while back there was a competition to grow oats and my grand kids got quite excited about it.  They are now ready to harvest (I think!)  I pulled out the plants and lay them over the compost, then cut most of the seed heads off.  the remainder of the plants went straight into the compost tumbler - lots of lovely greens (and probably a few seeds I missed!) The seeds are now in a paper bag pegged on the washing ling line under the eaves.  That is what I do with most of m