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Menu planning - Vegan recipes

I have a daughter in law who cannot eat eggs or milk, so am always on the lookout for recipes that I can use when she is coming around. On Saturday we had 7 people to dinner, and I cooked cassoulet again.  That is fast becoming a favourite meal for a crowd.  I serve it in my big bessamer pot, and I like to make it in advance so the flavours can meld as it simmers slowly on the stove.  This means I am not rushing around preparing dinner at the last minute.  Alongside I served a big salad with spinach and a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers,red onion and chick peas marinaded in a lemony olive oil dressing.   Of course there is bread to mop up the juices!  Oh!  and bubbly (not French my budget doesnt run to that,)  and French red wine.  For dessert I had to do a bit of research and planning.  I have had this recipe  for vegan chocolate cake on my evernote feed for quite some time, and eventually tried it, and it is a keeper! I did of course mess with the recipe a bit.  I couldn't find

Menu planning

We have my stepson staying with us this week, and I thought I had better get a bit organised with my menu plan.    What  I normally do is write down on the left hand side of the page a few dinners that I would like to cook for the week, and then on the right side of the page write the ingredients I need (after checking what I have on hand).  Breakfast and lunches are normally leftovers or regular rotation, so certain things are purchased every week.  I have being doing intermittent fasting for about 6 months now, so each day is only two meals.  Lunch and dinner over the weekends, and then breakfast and lunch during the week.  I thought I had better do a bit of baking to have some things on hand.  A staple growing up was my Moms crunchies, and they changed over the years to a healthier option.  Every time I make the recipe I change a few things as I use up whatever is on hand. This time they are walnut and date based. Sunday: Roast chicken and vegetables, and I made stock with th