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Making mango chutney with a glut of tropical fruit

Along with the extreme heat comes tropical fruit season!  The roads are just littered with fallen mangoes and the smell is quite heady!!!  The shops sell the stringless bowen mangoes but most people use the stringy mangoes for chutney.  You know, the ones that have strings that stick between your teeth as you suck the juicy flesh off the pit.  :)  A real summer treat, especially when they are ice cold! My friend gave me a huge bag of  green mangoes, and I have made two batches of chutney, and then have lots of little containers of mango slices in the freezer.  Whizzed up with greek yoghurt, this makes the Indian drink  Mango Lassi.  Oh yummmm. I researched my recipes and decided on a carribean mango chutney, adapted from a book I picked up at the markets.  Here is my version of the recipe: 8 under ripe mangoes, peeled and chopped 1Tbs salt 250g mixed fried fruit 2 Tbs chili flakes, or to taste 375g raw sugar 750ml malt vinegar 60g grated fresh ginger root Mix the salt i