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Garden Share collective April - the theme is SAVE

Once again it is time to catch up with other gardeners in our  Garden share collective and the theme is SAVE. Link to the other gardeners here . I really dont make jams or preserves out of the garden - I prefer to just grow enough so that it is eaten right there and then while fresh.  I did plant extra ginger last year, and dug that out a month or so ago.  I like to keep a big bag in the freezer, so easy just to grab a chunk and grate it - I do that with turmeric as well.  My favourite after dinner drink at the moment is grated turmeric and ginger in hot coconut milk, with a little black pepper grated in.  A little golden cup of goodness. Oh another thing I have been doing is picking and drying our coffee beans, and the first batch was roasted last weekend.  I just pick them as they ripen, so it looks as though I will have one pot a week :). I do love to grow from seed - it seems proper somehow.  If someone else has started the seedlings it seems more like fostering or babysitti

A kookabura visits our veggie patch

My hubby looked out the study window to see a kookaburra hanging out in the veggie garden so I went around the side with a camera.  He was not at all shy and let me take a few photos before he flew off. enjoy!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend!  

The colour white in the garden

Parts of my garden are quite shady (epsecially since the heavily pruned lychee tree is growing back) and spots of white really show up in those areas.  The butterfly bush is dripping with flowers and the honey eaters love them so there is always a carpet of white flowers that they have ripped off and tossed ot the ground!  I took this at dusk with the flash with my phone and like the way the white flowers show up. One of my eucharist lillies started to bloom and I noticed how pretty it looked with the pink and white in that area. This is another plant that has slowly recovered  now that there is more shade.  I just love the strappy leaves with curly edges.  No idea what it is called. Just a couple of months ago this poor garden was looking very sad.  The whole top of the lychee tree was pruned, leaving sun pouring down on the garden.  I erected a few shade cloths and umbrellas, and now lots of little leaves have appeared so they are getting lovely filtered light once