Lipstick plant and flowers

Yes the garden does like the rain - these are tropical plants I grow after all!  Flowers though need a bit of sunshine in between to burst forth in colour, and I must say I also apreciate it when the rain stops for  a while and I can get out with the camera, even though I am wading through the mud to do it. The chinese lantern hibiscus has enjoyed the rain.

 The star of the show is the lipstick plant though - look at it emerging out of the little fluffy tube -how cute is that :)  They really like all this rain - the cups are full of water.  My grandson took a look at this photo and said "oooh lollies" (candies are called lollies here in Australia)   I must say I am enjoying how this plant has taken off this year.
A basket of lipstick anyone?

 The branches are hanging down about two feet from the hanging basket.
 As they emerge they open up into flowers.
This is the first year this plant has been so prolific and I now realise that it is a plant that requires lots of water.
I have noticed an improvement in my flowering plants since I foliar feed with seaweed every week, and am wondering about adding liquid potash to some compost tea.   It seems that compost tea really needs to be aerated in order to be effective.  I think I need to read up on compost tea a bit more.  I dont want to buy a pump just for that purpose - mmm I think we still have an old swimming pool pump - maybe there is a new project coming up.
Also with a bit of sunshine on the horizon I need to get out into the vegetable garden.  Even though it is our winter approaching it is our prime growing season, and I intend to have a super flourishing vegetable garden soon!


  1. Amazing flowers! I had never even heard about them before. :)

  2. I was just doing some research and discovered that it is in fact an epiphyte although I have it in soil. Proper name is Aeschynanthus radicans. I think I will try to propogate some more by layering or stem clippings.

  3. Your lipstick plant is very beautiful. I know they are for sale here but unsure whether they thrive in our tropical climate. It certainly is doing very well for you.

  4. These photographs are stunning! I'd not seen either of these plants before I started reading your blog, BTW! Sounds as though you have all sorts of experimentation up your sleeves...keep us posted!

  5. The Chinese Lantern Hibiscus is absolutely gorgeous...and the Lipstick plant so unique! Lovely photos!

  6. One,
    Oh I am sure it would be very happy in Malaysia. It has taken a while to settle in though.
    That is the joy of blogworld, we get to travel without leaving our computer seats :) I have been enjoying your animal photos too!
    Theanne and Baron,
    That is one of my favourite hibiscus - there are always flowers on the bush - even though they only last one day!

  7. Oh wow these are amazing! I've never seen them before! Gorgeous.

  8. Great flowers and wonderful photos! Love it!

  9. Lovely exotic looking hibiscus! You've done a great job on your Lipstick plant, Gillian! We've grown the Lipstick Plant before but gave up when it rarely flowers for us. I suppose it has to be fed with the right fertilizer as they do in the garden centers where plants are extremely floriferous!

  10. Mrs Bok,
    thanks, I am just loving this plant now - although it has taken a couple of years to settle in and flower this profusely.
    thank you!
    I only foliar feed with seaweed tea, but I think if you find the right spot they will flower. This only gets dappled light, and before I had it in more light and it didnt flower so much. I am trying to cultivate some stem cuttings from this one.


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