Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Worm cafe

 I am so blessed to have a hubby who supports all my crazy hobbies. and we set out over the weekend to spend our Christmas gift card on a worm farm.  It was a combined gift, but of course I made the choice and it was gardening related.!  As most of you know I am a huge fan of my tumbler, but it is getting on in age, and suddenly didn't turn very easily anymore.  Hubby drilled a couple of holes and the trusty tie wraps came out.  What on earth did we do before tie wraps were invented?  

I realized I should keep the tumbler as light as possible.  My daughter in law said that they partly compost veggie peeling and kitchen waste in their tumbler and then finish it off in the worm bin.  What a great idea I thought.... so the idea of a worm farm was born.  I settled on the worm cafe as I like the flat edge design, and for now it is under the eaves right next to the tumbler.  What a great design - nothing is thrown out - even the cardboard packaging is used to line the base bin.

Then a brick of coir is soaked and added... now, since I have lots of worms in my tumbler ever since I started the inground compost worm bins I didn't purchase more worms,  so went digging in my tumbler, to find none!

Not sure what is going on, but supposedly everything gets eaten up overnight, and then the worms disappear.  So I loaded the compost up with lots of yummy peels, and will hopefully be able to harvest a whole load of wriggly worms in the morning!  I made sure not to turn it, because one turn of the tumbler, and everything mixes up and disappears from sight.

Do you do worm farming?  What tips do you have?  


  1. I just sold my worm farm because they can't take too much food so was putting stuff in my bin and then basically forgot and then all the worms died. I do have a big compost bin which I can put the veggie scraps in anyway which I must admit I haven't been doing for a while so will need to get onto that as well. Have a good week.

    1. I have heard that it is a problem if you overfeed them. I will have the tumbler to contain the excess though. I am going to have to buy worms as there really were not enough in the tumbler.

  2. I'm trying one of those worm farms you dig a hole and put in the ground and put compost worms in, then put in the food scraps etc.

    Except I thought perhaps I might not need worms. You know. Tropics. Everything breaks down quickly! But it got too full, anyway. But I did see a source of worms advertised so I might go get some!

    1. Yes I did that - drilled some holes in a bucket so there was aeration. It did work well, but then I wanted to plant out the whole bed, so removed them.

  3. We have a worm box too, but my husband looks after it. We get lots of worm juice which he mixes with water to water plants.

    1. Oh aren't you lucky? My stepson also does the dirty work for his wife.


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