Saturday, January 15, 2022

Coiled baskets, my new hobby

  I have been interested in making baskets for  along time, and last year I purchased an online class on making baskets from the garden.  I found it really messy and required a lot of space to collect all the bits and pieces so really did not pursue it after the initial spurt of creativity.  The same school offered a course on coiled baskets which I had been greatly admiring, so I bought that course as a Christmas present to myself!  It is run by the same lady as the baskets from the garden - Ruth, who I found very easy to follow.  It is super easy to go back and check the instructions.

craft school of oz

Oh my!   am I hooked!  This was the first basket I created.  I made a little lid in what I considered an African design - like a rondavel, which is a "round house" This was t shirt material wrapped around string and sewn with crochet cotton.

From then on, there was no stopping me.  as you know I am very keen to recycle materials instead of sending them to landfill and this is a perfect way of doing that.  At one stage I made necklaces out of t shirt material, and I still use that for tying up plants etc.   I have quite a collection of cut up t shirts and I keep them in a little footstool right next to the couch.  Perfect for picking my project up and working on it, and then packing away easily when I want to take a break.  I organized the fabric into colour themes, since my daughter is always telling me to use a colour wheel.

The first one used rope as the center core, and I decided I wanted to use recyclable materials so used four strands of t shirt material as the core for this one.  I used some pretty wool for the stitching.  All kinds of materials being used up!  

The class showcased a round mat made with denim, and here I used the jean seams as the core, which turned out a bit lumpy.  The colour variations come from using the right and wrong side of the denim.  I used crochet cotton for the stitching. 

Next I wanted to try some silk, as I had some scarves that I had painted that of course I never wore.  I think they work better as baskets.!  the silk was a little slippery to work with.  The little yellow one has the silk folded over the core (T shirt material again).  The blue one Was a scarf that portrayed the beach extending out to the ocean and it really seems to work well here.  I was thinking of maybe sewing a shell onto the top for a handle.  This time I twisted the silk around the core, which does leave exposed cut edges 

Now, I wonder what to do with my little collection of baskets, and when I asked the grandchildren, the girls all said they wanted  a pink one!  I might have to make a few more of these.....

I spoke to my sister in law and she said that during the pandemic she has been knitting stuffed animals - she has  a whole family residing on her couch.  Oh dear, are we all going to drown in our own crafts?  Tell me, do you find since you also have more time at home are you creating more?  What do you do with your creations?  


  1. These are wonderful...what a great little hobby. Stay safe and have a good week. Kathy

    1. thank you Kathy, these are strange times, it is good to have something to keep me busy. You have a good week too.

  2. Beautiful baskets! Strangely, I have made next to nothing during the pandemic. I love seeing what others are making though.

    1. I find that creating things really calms my mind, but don't want to spend money or buy materials, so I love to re-use old fabric and materials.

  3. Love the coiled baskets, great craft to use up your bits and pieces of fabric.
    I also went through a phase of making necklaces with t-shirt material.
    My daughter has also been living in Germany (Cologne) for just over 1 year. Have a lovely weekend Gill.

    1. It really reduces the amount of things going to landfill. The people I have given them to seemed happy too. I do hope this year I can go and visit both my daughters, are you planning on going over?

  4. I love your baskets...gteat gifts. Our simple living group was to have a basket making workshop using Lomandra but unfortunately the presenter got sick so we have never had it. Maybe this year 🤔

    1. I made some using leaves and material from the garden, but that was a bit messy, and this is much more simple and compact. I hope your classes start again, I loved reading about them!

  5. baskets like those were sold at our markets, they actually sell quite well if you find you're getting too many lol
    great post
    thanx for sharing


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