Tuesday, August 24, 2021

New plants always get me out into the garden

I spent a few days with a friend of mine last week.  Having a break and doing "girl stuff"  like yoga on the deck, coffee and beach walks in the afternoon.   How lovely, I really need to do more of that in my retirement!  I came away with a few different plants and an extra basket that she didnt want.

Over the weekend we had an open garden event and I had been so inspired visiting other peoples gardens, and picked up a few seeds.   Seeds from my area are always the best, as they have become acclimatised.  I popped a few into some pots and have been taking good care of them.  I also planted out some Thai pink egg tomatoes a while back, and every seed has come up!  Defenitely enough to share around., I am just letting them get a big bigger.

At the open gardens I fell in love with coleus once again, so was pleased to get some cuttings from my friend.  I planted them out in the little bed next to the gate.  Probably the sunniest spot in my garden.   I re-did the edging, but need to get some more gravel in to top up the bare spots, otherwise it is just a haven for weeds.

Working out in the back under the lychee tree is always a pleasure.  We have been 
cutting back some branches every week to allow more light to filter through and hopefully then will not have to get professionals in to trim back the tree at huge expense.
I planted a birds nest fern and a hoya in the new hanging basket,  it looks pretty - I do love hanging baskets, it makes people look up into the lovely branches.
Once the leaves were mulched up and added to the compost, it was time to hang out in the swing and just watch the plants grow!  Have you been busy in your garden?  


  1. I bought a coleus once when at the Sunshine Coast as it was so colourful. Of course it got frosted in winter. LOL!

  2. Mine seem to just dissapear! I think maybe I dont water them enough! I really need to mulch - that is my next job. I mostly rely on fallen leaves and compost, and then supplement with hay or sugar cane mulch but have been feeling like my plants need a better mulch every now and then...

  3. We had a busy weekend in the garden last week, removing weeds, planting new flowers. It all looks so much prettier now :)
    You've done a good job, your garden looks lovely Gill.

    1. thank you Sami, It alwasy looks so nice when I spend some extra time on it!

  4. Great to get inspiration from other gardeners and doing a little bit in the garden each time will soon add up. Have a great week. Kathy

    1. It does make a difference. You have a good week too!


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