Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Farmers markets and buying local

I saw this recently on The little black cow blog  - one of the readers that follows my blog and writes wonderful comments that spur me on to share what I do in my little patch.  Now, Kim has a farm, with a milking goat, and a B&B, makes cheese and  has published a book.  OK Ok I am envious, but I just so enjoy following along with her farming life.  

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This really resonated with me as I have been volunteering at the local markets, and slowly started to buy more veggies from there.  Veggies that are home grown, full of flavour and last through the week....

I bought a little bucket of some interesting eggplant, and cut some in half and gently sauteed them in a pan lightly greased with olive oil.  Oh my!  the taste!  Awesome.   The stall owner is a Thai lady (she also sells buckets of chillies - enough to last me for a year!)  and I asked her if she would bring in a plant for me to try and grow them in my own yard.
She brought me a little yellow shrivelled eggplant and ensured me the seeds would grow.....  I planted some as I was clearing up from cyclone Ita.  Some little seedlings are coming up, of course they could be weeds :)

This is not a great area for growing food, and so no, I cannot guarantee that I can live on only locally sourced food.  Most of the sellers at our local market supply food grown about 20km inland.  I do buy locally grown whenever I can though and persist in trying to grow whatever I can in my little veggie patch.

Do you shop at farmers markets?  


  1. We occasionally get to the markets but not often enough. One of the many things I'm looking forward to when we move is a Farmers Market every Saturday within walking distance. Hope it's a good one.

  2. It took me a while to get going with the farmers market, but now I am really keen. I noticed a huge difference in how much longer everything lasts. That will be nice to have one you can walk to, you will have to look out for a nice basket to carry :)

  3. i did... until it closed. apparently not enough local support - really sad. i enjoyed the interaction with the growers but most of all i valued giving my money directly to those growers, putting it in their hands. i try to support independent fruit and veg shops here but sometimes it is just more convenient to go to the supermarket that is on my way home than make a special trip out of my way to the F&V shop. i feel guilty for it! shoudl veg shop make me feel guilty??

  4. It is always best to buy local, and I try to spend my cash with home growers and farmer's markets. I buy veggies from the supermarket only when it can't be helped.
    There are many vendors along the routes and at outdoor markets selling their produce so it's no problem to find them, and it's fun haggling with them too!!


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