Saturday, September 17, 2011

The veggie garden needs some work!

I could say that my overgrown veggie garden looks rather permaculturish!   I do need to warn all those dear friends that I sent cosmos seeds to that if they don't harvest the seeds they might find themselves with more cosmos than they need! I let quite a few of mine die off in situ scattering seeds far and wide, and now I see the results.... - oh dear, now where was that path again?

 I started to move the other path over a while back - to widen the bed next to the fence and make the central bed easier to reach into the middle from either side. The bed next to the fence is for the ginger and I plan to grow even more this year. We have been walking down this very narrow path for awhile now....

 The chia seem to be doing well - the leaves are a bit prickly, but I have been adding a few of the young leaves to salads. I have no idea how high this plant grows, what season it should be grown in and when I can expect seeds.... here it is interspersed with baby cosmos.

Look at my black beans - they sure grew fast, and it looks as though the beans are drying out and ready to be harvested... that sure was a fast crop.

 Cherry tomatoes are all over, and I have been harvesting them daily, they are a great fuss free crop for this climate.

I have a baby pineapple too :)  (I will post a photo soon) I keep saying I am not going to grow pineapples as they take up so much room, and take so long to bear fruit.  (we also have a pineapple farm down the road) Then when I get a new little baby I get so excited and start thinking about where else I can put one of these really large prickly plants - no! not again!

The asparagus with the seeds (is that the female?) really does not seem to bear many shoots, and I am wondering if in fact I should rip it out and get another in its place.  Since the fern does not die down here I am also thinking of cutting it right back before the harvesting season starts.  I saw a photo of a commercial asparagus farm and they did not have any ferns - just the shoots which would make harvesting easy.

I cut back a bunch of comfrey leaves and have them sitting and dripping their lovely juice into the collection bucket below.  Yum I can hear my veggie garden saying..... in the meantime I am pulling weeds and getting it back into more respectable shape.


  1. You certainly have a lot going on in your vegie garden. Those tomatoes do look delicious and your Cosmos look fantastic. I'd love it my seedlings fill out like that down my driveway. At the moment they're growing taller every day and looking very happy, so thank you so much for your gift. I can't wait to plant them out.

  2. thanks Bernie, but felt I had to warn you in case I had inundated the whole of Australia with yellow cosmos!

  3. Did all those tomatoes sprout themselves or did you sow them? I have a really hard time getting the self propagating tomatoes to bear fruit.

    And I'm waiting to hear how your home-grown black beans taste in your soup recipe. Keep us posted.

  4. You really have green fingers and thumbs! I love your veggie garden and all of the variety you grow in it! I couldn't help noticing the lovely black earth. Your yellow cosmos are beautiful!


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