Monday, July 18, 2011

My pinks

Hot pink is the order of the day out in the front yard.   With the bouganvilla on the left side of the gate and this bed off to the right, I think it was a good choice to remove the red Kalanchoe to the back.
 Definitely sunshine and the drier weather is what brings out the pink in the Cordelines.  Look how colorful the new leaves are!

 Then the iresine too is definitely happier with this weather.  This is spreading all around the base of the bouganvilla.
I love the frilly pink edges of this coleus.  I will be rooting some more of this lovely and spreading it around the front of the bed.  It is so easy just to cut off a little piece, dip it in rooting hormone and then plant it out. It survives here year round, but becomes more colorful at this time of year.

.Funny that I have been feeling that the garden doesn't have  much impact at this time of year, but when you get up close you can really see the color.


  1. Oh...I love the pinks...and your garden...always love the photos you post...Thanks for sharing such great photos.

  2. The pinks really do grab your attention at this time of year. It must have something to do with our winter sunlight.

    Your front garden beds are looking great and you seem to have some lovely lush green grass still.

    Thanks so much for the Cosmos seeds. They arrived safely and I'm so looking forward to seeing them sprout now.

  3. Your pinks are amazingly beautiful! I am so in awe of your plants, pink is my favorite color. Everything looks so lush and happy.

  4. I have one small cordyline that has been growing for years! Yours are too it's MY turn to be envious! I would never have thought your garden lacks colour! Not with all those exotic tropical leaves! It's stunning and I love pink leaves!

  5. I love those strong hot pinks, and yours are beautiful. -Jean

  6. The colors are really popping out and add the textures of the leaves, just beautiful!

  7. Your garden is beautiful. That red Ti plant makes a great contrast among the greens.

  8. Nellymary,
    thanks, I am really glad I separated out the pinks from the reds....
    at first I wondered why my Cordelines didn't get that hot pink color, but I now realize they need lots of sunshine to do that. The ones I have in the shady areas are more burgundy colored. we have been trying to get the grass to cover over ever since the bandicoots dug most of it up lol.
    well after your last post I am yearning for some lovely big urns...
    I am quite in love with different colored leaves as they add so much color you don't miss the flowers when they are not in bloom. I am amazed that the cordeline survives your winters. good for you.
    thanks, yes they are lovely
    Solitude Rising,
    Thank you, I think pink is definitely showcased at this time of year.
    they do add a spot of bright color out there don't they?

  9. Come on, you can confess, you use photoshop on your pictures, right :-)

    I have the same cordyline in my garden and love it but it NEVER is that pink.

    The iresine is also beautiful and thanks for posting the name, I've been wondering what mine is called for years.

    You are spot on, your garden has quite an impact now and I'm guessing all through the year.

  10. yes i agree with you, the garden or the outdoors, even if not really blooming has a lot to offer,sometimes we just have to widen our interest. I realized you are so busy with your other blogs, i am envious as i can't even cope with just one. By the way, you haven't seen my previous posts, haha!

  11. Those pinks have warmed my day which is decidedly chilly today.Thanks.
    I would like to send you a little something from my giveaway. Just email me with your address
    sunnycornerfarm at

  12. Your coleus is beautiful! Nice colours. On coleus to drape over the edge, probably our sun is too great/attractive for the plant ;-)

  13. Laura,
    No the only editing I ever do is cropping.... It is only the ones in the sun that are this hot pink - the ones in the shade are much darker
    I dont hink I missed any post - will go and have another look - now you have me intrigued.
    how exciting - I sent you my e-mail address, thank you!

  14. Very nice hot colors! I don't even think you have to get that up close to be able to appreciate it.

  15. Twoje " na różowo" w ogrodzie jest śliczne. Pozdrawiam

  16. That shocking pink of the Ti Plant is simply awesome! I've never been able to get that fabulous colour from my plants! Another wow!!


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