Saturday, February 12, 2011

Water in well

You know those seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago?  Well I am sure they are now well watered - flooded more like!  Obviously radishes like lots of water - they are doing well, along the right side of this "path" just past the ginger.  They are the daikon radishes.
Wow - it seems to be working - this is the area I have been adding the extra sand I have been digging up.  Somehow a deep dip had formed in the centre and that aways filled up like a lake in the rain.   The grass certainly seems to be covering up the sand.  This is amazing grass for this type of weather.  I have heard it called buffalo grass.
 The only thing it does not like is shade and this is the area I started to dig the grass up in order to lay stones.  The cyclone and the rain  halted my efforts.  I don't think I will be doing any digging here this weekend.  I really wanted to get a move on with this project.
The forecast said clearing.... I will have to re-read that forecast.


  1. You certainly have had more than your fair share of rain! I would love some puddles in my garden right now. Those radishes will think they're destined to become watercress :)

    Buffalo grass is also available in SA and is a very hardy type. It's expensive to buy ready laid, for some reason, so we all end up growing kikuyu which really isn't the answer for our conditions. Yours looks beautiful!

  2. Hoping things dry up for you soon....

  3. Desiree,
    I remember that I used to think kikuyu was coarse, but this is even more so. It does do well as long as it gets sun!
    there have been extremes all over, and I hope you dont get any more extreme cold snaps!

  4. That is a lot of water on top of already watersoaked ground. Hope your weather moderates so your seeds have a chance.


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