Lipstick plant and more wet weather

I have put down some stones - still have a bit more to go, but this is definitely keeping the place mud free - whch is marvellous with all the rain we have been having.  This is a true tropical wet season, and I am ready for it to end!  It is hard to even find a few moments without pouring rain in order to take  a few photos!

I am happy with how the rain seems to drain away quite quckly from the gazebo and towards the pathway garden which I dug a little lower.   I need to bring the level of the stones up a bit, so still need to haul in a few more loads.
After my holiday I noticed that the anthirium flowers were green and have been foliar feeding with liquid seaweed every weekend and now I have nice colourful flowers.

Some other flowers that are enjoying the wet weather are the lipstick plant, This year it has developed long tendrils and they are covered in lovely red flowers.

When they start out they look like lipstick emerging from a tube!


  1. The stone walk looks gorgeous! It reminds me of Made Wijaya's work in Bali! I wish that my parents would let me remove some of their lawn for this purpose...

  2. Lovely path and flowers are beautiful!

  3. The path looks really great and practical too. My daughter in Cairns has been telling me how it's just been pouring up there. The plants love it though.

  4. Rainforest Gardener,
    Funny how I didnt have a visual - the pavers just seemed to flow along their own line.
    thank you theanna and Baron,
    Yes roads have been blocked as the water flows across like rivers! We have just had some friends from England and would have liked better weather to show them around! They were amazed to see how many plants in my garden are houseplants there.

  5. Well done, Gillian.... you got a lovely path! And, the Lipstick Plant flowers are so pretty, not easy to get it to bloom so well I'd say!


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