Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving myself extra work

I am a sucker for punishment and have taken on the extra job of maintaining the public areas around the units.  We have landscapers that come in and mow, trim and edge,  but have been doing less and less and charging more and more. 
This little roundabout  was overgrown with weeds and I began ripping everything out a couple of weekends ago.  One of my neighbours gave me a hand, and so when we got our mulch the area was ready to be given a makeover.

The palm trees do provide a bit of shade.  I planted a black palm in the centre - When that gets bigger and the other palms have to go we will still have some height and shade.   There are a few straggly cordelines, so I will start some more  and also put in some heleconias that I removed from my garden. They will be easier to maintain in an open area like this, and probably flower well. 
I will have to put low plants in front of this light.  I also have the ginger plants that I started with the layering technique that are now ready to plant out.

 The council also gives out free plants every year to rate payers so I will have to see what is available this year.  I don't really have  a plan so want to make sure that it doesn't look like a mishmash of odd plants.  The ground is awful - just matted palm tree roots, so I will have to dig down a  bit to free up some earth and then augment with compost before I plant out. Once I see what plants I have I will plan it out.  I am anticipating the area will not require much maintenance. That will be my new year project.

Next to the pool is another area I have been adding a few plants to, mostly bromeliads that add a bit of colour, and once the mulch was added it began to look a bit better.  This hides the area where the bins are kept, and the electrical box.  

All the other owners seem quite pleased that this is happening.  Funny how people don't like something but very often don't get up and do something about it.   I don't mind at all - it just increases the value of our property and makes driving in after work a very pleasant experience.


  1. Well done you! Your efforts are certainly adding some beauty to the area and I just know people will appreciate it. Your planting selections so far seem to be thriving in their spots.

    After catching up with your last post as well as this one, it seems your council does a fabulous job ... what with the free plant giveaways and free mulch. Our council occasionally gives away plants but it's hard to find out just exactly when and where.

    By the way, I've just discovered a great site and after being a member for only a couple of weeks I've already received some great plants from a lady over at Magnetic Island. It's an Aussie based gardening site and it's just started. It seems like there's quite a few Queenslanders that have joined first, so go and have a squiz.

  2. Im sure this will be another successful project and once its completed your neighbors will know who to thank to for a great job.

  3. Hi Bernie,
    You have to be continually asking in order to find out about deals like this here as well! I looked at that site and have joined up already - it looks great! Thanks for the referral!
    Solitude Rising,
    Oh I have already got lots of thanks, it just needed someone to bite the bullet.

  4. Africanaussie: Good for you! You are doing a great job to have that makeover done. I am sure you feel a great sense of achievement by looking at the end results. I love bromeliads in the public area. They are low maintainence and adding lots of colors. It is wonderful you are able to use some heliconias removed from your own backyard.

  5. That's nice of you. It looks great. We have a patch of land in front of our house. I maintain the portion that is right in front of my house and my neighbors do the same too. I mulched the trees with cut grass. My neighbors do that too. Recently I used coconuts as borders. Others are doing the same now. Actually it is good to have the 'same look and feel'.

  6. Ami,
    it is great to use plants that have been propogated from my yard. Some of the bromeliads have not enjoyed moving from my (relatively)cool shaded yard out into the hot sun though - I hope they survive.
    It is amazing how doing things like this entice others to do the same! Coconuts as borders look great.


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