Ephiphytes in my backyard - a rainforest gardeners challenge.

So here I am all packed and ready to go.  I have even posted my last post for the year wishing all my readers a very happy christmas. So organised am I in fact that I sat down to read a few blogs.  Rainforest Gardener issues a challenge.....  an epiphyte post! - no I dont have time - oh but there is that huge birds nest fern in my back yard I have been thinking I should do a post on - yes that one!

Its a beauty isnt it?  there are a few weeds  taking up residence and this photo reminds me I must get the ladder and remove them.

Look at the detailed lines on the leaves

and then look behind the leaves! - these must be the spores.

In the rainforest they seem to like living nestled in the branch of a tree like I have here, but then I also see them in a ring around the the trunk of a palm tree like this once next to our pool.

Further down the trunk of the lychee tree are yet more epiphytes - funny I dont think of myself as an epiphyte person, but I sure have a a tree out in the back laden with them - elkhorn ferns, orchids, with bromeliads down below.
Even an elkhorn on the other side as well!
Thank you Rainforest Gardener for sending me out in the garden for another look at my epiphytes -
Have a very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year! and if you dont know his site yet check it out here the rainforest gardeners epiphyte challenge for a real treat!  Unlike me he knows all the "proper names" of things he plants!


  1. There you go ... it looks as if you're an Ephiphyte lover after all! I just adore your huge Bird's Nest Fern ... I don't have one in this garden unfortunately. I just might have to get one ... I wish I'd bought more plants from my last garden with me when we moved! Oh well ... I never gave that much of a thought.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas ... I wonder if you've left yet? Have a great time over there ... I suppose it will be quite warm just like here!

  2. Hi Bernie,
    I leave on Saturday. Oh it is warm there, but no humidity (yeah!) in fact my skin always seems so dry when I get there. I notice that the birds nest ferns just suddenly appear around here - I suppose the spores are in the air!

  3. I've just linked to you via Diane's blog @ Adventure before Dementia...sp glad I came...love your beautiful, lush epiphytes. You're so fortunate to live in such a green belt.

    Enjoy your holiday! I look forward to visiting again next year :)

  4. WOW, that is an outstanding bird's nest fern. I've never seen one in a tree like that, but it is really beautiful. Have a wonderful trip and Christmas.

  5. A WOW from me too! I just love the Elkhorn fern seen protruding from the tree's trunk on the 2nd last picture...the angle of take is simply lovely! Unlike yours, ours is in a hanging pot as our garden is small without any large tree to accommodate it. Hence, I really enjoy viewing your lovely trees, fabulously hugged by all those beautiful epiphtes.
    Thanks for sharing, Gillian!

  6. They are a common occurence here and many of us do not know how to appreciate these epiphytes. I think they are very special. Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a safe journey.

  7. You have a very humid environment to nurture these species of epiphytes. We also have the birdsnest fern but it usually dries during dry season, so my mother put a big plastic tray under it and place it on the ground. From then on the moisture was conserved and despite the burns last long dry season, it is now big and thriving. Happy New Year!

  8. Ahhh, Bird's Nest...wish I could grow them here in Houston, but the snails dine on them like there's no tomorrow. I've tried, believe me, I've tried.
    Yours looks healthy and happy.
    Loved your post. Will be back to visit.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  9. thank you for all the lovely comments! and yes! I do know how blessed I am to be able to grow these lovely plants without much effort on my part! :)
    Welcome Desiree - yes I follow Diane along on her blog, but it makes me tired just keeping up with all her travels - I think I will stay put for a while now!
    Susan, these dont get as big as the staghorn fern, but I love the shape of the leaves, and they do propogate easily.
    That treee has been the bones of my whole garden design, I am so lucky it was established when we moved in here!
    I dont think it ever gets that dry here that they die out, but these are definitely tropical plants......
    Welcome, oh yes I imagine Houston would be too hot and dry, but snails you say? Maybe if they were up high the snails wouldnt get to them.


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