Elkhorn fern propogation

On the trunk of the lychee tree are a couple of elkhorn ferns.  They seem quite happy there and dont get any special treatment at all.  Occasionally if they look dusty they will get a spray with the hose.
 The leaves are more slender than the staghorn fern, and every now and then I notice a new one forming,

Why do we really think we are the gardeners?   This plant gets along very well without my help and yet I take all the credit!
Sometimes I try to wrap my mind around how totally awesome this world is.
The little things like a plant that continues on with its life cycle.
These are the moments that take my breath away.


  1. What a great attitude to have! I have a small staghorn that I might eventually mount in the backyard, but only when it gets too big for my patio. You'll have to share some tips on mounting them!

  2. Rainforest Gardener,
    These came with the tree, and I have at times wondered about taking one of these little babies off and transferring it to another place, but then not sure how to do it....

  3. Very true words. This world does take one's breath away. To me, being a gardener means discovering those plants that can survive on their own. Your elkhorn fern is beautiful!

  4. Your Elkhorn seems very happy growing on the Lychee tree. I have a huge one that grows on my Avacado tree. These ferns here seem pretty self suffient and require little in the way of care only occasionally pulling out the older dead stalks.

  5. Floridagirl,
    Thank you, and yes somehow when a plant is happy and grows well it gives you a good deep feeling only a gardner would understand!
    They charge a fortune for the baby ones tied to a piece of polysyrene in the markets though!

  6. Those elkhorn ferns are beautiful! How much light do they get?
    And I love the way you think ... maybe gardeners do have the best attitude to life :)

  7. Sunita,
    Mine are in quite deep shade, but think they would do ok with more light. I think most gardeners are very lucky that they do not have to fork out for therapy as the garden is the best therapy!


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