Friday, January 1, 2010

Growing shampoo?

A new ginger flower has appeared. A friend gave me a piece of rhizome a couple of months ago and called it shampoo ginger. It is also known as pinecone ginger, and these new inflorescences (as they are called) do seem to look like a pinecone. They are similar to the yellow beehive ginger but do not seem to have the open bracts. It will be interesting to see the fluid that is created in the bracts - evidently it is a very sweet ginger smelling shampoo! What with my loofas, and ginger shampoo I might go into the bath products business!

We have had a tremndous amount of rain in the last couple of days. This is the "little" creek that trickles along for most of the year just down the road from us. It is normally about 30ft below this bridge. Now it is a swirling brown river!

The skies are overcast and I think we in store for further rain - I like the way this heleconia shows up against the cloudy sky.

The tropical flowers love this type of weather - a bromeliad flower has appeared

And the red gingers are bursting out into flower

and reaching out into the path

Aaah.................... maybe the wet season does indeed have its good points


  1. How amazing, to see a flower that produces shampoo!! I'll have to stop back in and see what the final result looks like, and hear whether it lathers to your satisfaction :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I know that ginger! I do call it 'shampoo ginger', but it has another name other than pinecone ginger as well.

    When it blooms and the flower is mature, you can cut it and turn it upside down to empty it of the most fantastic smelling elixir! That is the shampoo they speak of!

    Avon Cosmetics used to have a cologne called "Hawaiian Ginger", and that is exactly what this shampoo ginger smells like!

    It is wonderful!

    I love those RED gingers. RED is my favorite color in the garden.

    We have had a lot of rain lately. Our river is out of it's banks, and the ground is saturated. It cannot hold another drop of rain!

  3. Hi, I came upon your blog via Blotanical and look forward to getting to know you this year... speaking of which, Happy New Year and may it be a great one. Diana

  4. Thanka Janie for that info - gosh so you must have about the same weather as us! I just went out to pull weeds - couldnt last too long in the heat and humidity, but the ground is totally sodden. Hello Di and Meredith, thanks for stopping by and the new year wishes.

  5. Africanaussie,
    Your red ginger plants are great.I have them on my list for getting some this year and adding them to my garden.And of course since you are my opposite your wet season there is my dry season here.Even though you have to put up with the rain your plants seem to like it.


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