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Monday, May 19, 2014

Just say no!

A couple of years ago when I still had quite a few bare spots in my back yard I accepted a couple of passalong plants from a neighbour.  I had seen them in his yard, and they were magnificent.  The leaves were lovely and silver-backed and HUGE, and made a lovely sound brushing against each other in the wind.   I was quite taken with them, and planted two out in the corner of my garden next to the heleconias.  That side and corner really started to fill in.

Did I mention they were HUGE?  What was I thinking?   I have been slowly cutting some of them back and noticed that they were spreading rather rapidly.  Suddenly I wasn't so in love anymore.....
I started working on one clump about a month ago, and it ended badly.... with me sitting in tears sobbing about how I was just not a gardener, nothing grew right in my garden, how stupid could I have been to plant these....everything was just a mess.....
I had cut the 12ft leaves down, and dragged them out to the kerb.  Then I began to try to dig out the root system, it was muddy, which I thought would make it easier to dig, but my gosh I think those roots must have gone down 12ft to compensate for the height!   I realized after breaking a garden fork that my tools and I were not strong enough to remove those stupid plants.  Consequently they were sprayed with weed killer.  I will keep an eye on them and any little green shoots will get zapped.
This weekend I tackled the remaining clump, and this time broke the handle of a garden spade!  Those free plants have turned out to be quite costly.  I need to be realistic about the size of my garden and next time I am offered free plants I will think very hard, and I might say thank you, but no!
I like the look of the pathway now - less like a jungle and more like walking through a small tropical garden.
 I leave most of the vegetation I chop down - chop and drop method I call it.  It looks messy for a while, but mixed in with the fallen leaves it eventually creates lovely soil, just like it does in the forest.  On the front blue trellis is a justica - my other one in more light has been flowering for a while now, so I am sure the one on the pathway will also enjoy more light.

The light is getting all the way down to the Eucharist Lily just opening up.   It looks almost as if the light was shining out from within it.
I moved the bridal veil bush there too - it was so hidden away nobody could see the gorgeous sprays of white flowers.  I hope it likes its new home.

 Along with the cordelines there is now lots of colour  and light in the garden path once again.

Friends popped in for tea and scones and we all enjoyed sitting out in the garden,  my LITTLE garden, I must keep reminding myself every time someone wants to pass along a too big plant.   

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get rid of the grass.

I typed up this post just after Australia day last week.  A mid week break - now it looks as though I will have another mid week break, but not for such wonderful pursuits.  As cyclone Jasi is heading stright for us!  Holding thumbs that everything in my garden survives and that I can still continue on with this project as posted! 

Australia Day was spent tidying up and thinking about yet more garden projects... :)
The grass in this area next to the gazebo is in deep shade -
We have decided to give in.  Too much time and effort has been wasted.  There is a point where the grass just stops growing, no matter how much water, fertilizer, and even roll lawn we add.
This dust is getting everywhere, and then when it rains it is mud..... a project that really is long overdue.

Will it look silly to have the row of mondo grass extend across towards the tree?  The area where the grass doesnt grow will probably be filled with stones.  Paving is too expensive, and also this is an area where there are lots of tree roots so it is not level enough to lay pavers. I am toying with an idea of a little concrete bench off to the side of the gazebo.  Just a row of concrete blocks - very simple, but can also be used for extra seating alongside the table..... 
We never open the big double gate and so the one closest to the fence will stay permanently closed and we will extend the border up to there.  Yeah more area to plant in!    \The first thing I did was move my plumeria tree.  It is sulking badly, as you can see, so hope it  recovers.  I cut off one of the branches to propogate another one.  I have not had a lot of success with them - maybe because I keep moving them!!!!  This one was already growing in a contorted shape because it didnt have room.  Now it has room.
 I laid out some cardboard to start to kill the grass while I decide what I will plant in that area.  I have a bouganvilla climbing the other side of the gate so that will cascade over the top as well.  It will be nice to have  a colourful area to look out from the gazebo.
The very best news was that it was quite pleasant working out there.  Oh yes! please let this humidity be coming to an end!


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