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Thursday, August 19, 2010

True happiness in the garden

"It is when you stop wanting things out of your control ........... that you can be truly happy"

 I read this in an article, and then went back and read it again,
 and again.  
 I will never have one of those huge gardens with a water feature, or rows of concrete arches repeating one after another to create a wonderful symmetry.  Heck no, I hardly have room for more than one or two of anything.  Planning and planting this garden was fun and kept me busy and gave me reasons to post on my blog every couple of days. That creativity kept me on a gardening high, but now the work has plateaued, now is the time to just step back and enjoy the fruits of my labour.
I have my little rainforesty area, just a couple of fan palms and a tree fern, but it is a forest in its own way.

the fluted fan palm loves its location against the fence

 and I never tire of watching the tree fern fronds unfold, they start as a furry round ball at the base of the trunk.

 and then they become like magic in the garden.......little curlicues all the way along the branch, unfolding, unrolling and reaching out.....

 I love the way the sunlight dapples through the leaves, and you know what?......... the light dapples just the same through one set of leaves as a hundred....

I loved my favourite heleconia, the Lady Di,

but when they became invasive in my little plot they had to be ripped out.. so sad, but then again I can grow some lovely crotons in that area, and soon they will spread and fill in this empty space. 

 the crotons are already perking up with new growth in response to the extra sunlight they are getting.
While it grows, my dear hubby and I can quietly sit in the garden swing enjoying the serenity, most of the hard work is done in the little garden of ours, and now we get to enjoy it. Swing..... swing.

.... Mmmmmm.... here I am......truly happy and content in my little corner of the world.


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