Saturday, October 16, 2021

one tonne of 220mm gravel

 Over time the gravel in my paths sinks down, and as I pull up weeds, the earth comes up, and it all begins to look a litle untidy and of course allows more weeds to grow. I ordered a tonne of gravel to be delivered, and of course it has kept me very busy spreading out a thin layer everywhere it is needed.   It looks different, but it is the same rock just, very ,very dusty.

We also decided to open up the front a bit and include the carport as part of the garden.  It really is wasted as a carport because most vistors park out front in the visitors parking.  I dug up a few big plants (they have been there for 15 years!)  and others just wouldnt budge so they got a reprieve.   I poured boiling water over one, and then will just continue to cut back any growing shoots and see how we go.  It has been so hot and dry, so have had to continually water to establish the new plants.  I planted a Rose of sharon that I grew from a slip.  Such a pretty bush, with pale pink, darker pink and white flowers.  Luckily I now have a wheelbarrow! purchased from the same yard sale as I got the pond! this opened up the whole area. and then I had to level it all out.

Once it was edged with bricks and the stones layed it looked as though it was always meant to be!

All the pots are scattered around the area, and I think they enjoy more sunshine than tucked along the fence.  Fruit salad alley has taken on a different form.  Now you can leisurely wander into the garden which slowly reveals itself , defenitely an improvement on the curb appeal.

The next job is to remove all the plants that had grown up along the fence line behind the pots.  

I dont think I will be ordering any more rock deliveries for a while.


  1. That sounds like a big job, however very satisfying when finished. Have a good week. Kathy

    1. It does keep down the weeds, and I spread it out over a few days so was not too bad.

  2. Goodness me, what a huge job. It is looking great though.

    1. Haha, it didnt look that big a pile, until I started to wheelbarrow it around!

  3. A lot of work, but it's satisfying to see it all looking beautiful once it's finished.

    1. It really is Sami, I think of you when I go into town as they have added mosaics to the planters in town. Really must send you some photos!


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