Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Living room changes, and a giveaway!

  For a while now I have been wanting to liven up the living room.   We recently purchased new furniture, but I was looking for a bigger change, and somehow thought that I wanted to incorporate the garden more into the room. Here you can see the garden through all three sliding glass doors in the room, but I wanted to bring that inside as well.  

I began to bring more plants inside, but then what to do about the artwork?    I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago that seemed to be the answer to my searching.

Photowall, a Swedish company, contacted me and asked if I would like to try out one of their products.  I had been mulling over wallpaper or canvas prints, so to say I was super excited was putting it mildly.  In the end I decided on a canvas print to install behind the couch.   I thought committing to wallpaper was something I might regret, although looking at their gallery I was very temped. Our combined living/ dining room is rather small and I think a whole wall might be overpowering and make it seem smaller.   Look on the link below and see what an awesome selection they have.  (This is a link specific to me so that you can get the discount applied and they will see it has come from me)

In anticpation, I started washing the walls and curtains, so that I could start fresh.  I have always had an African theme and want to incorporate a nature theme.  The walls are a pale yellow, and curtains are a pale grey, and the furniture a deeper grey.   Obviously green is a colour I am going to include by default.  In the end I decided on a forest canvas print, and thought I would order one that would look like a window behind the couch so it seemed like a window out to the forest.  The other wall that needed some artwork was on the wall above the TV.  The shipping was amazingly fast - 12 days later the box arrived via DHL.  


I opened the box on my large outdoor table and laid it out per instructions. The quality was immediately apparent, everything slotted in so perfectly.  The brackets that hold the frame in place are very solid, and I loved the easy to use screws, instead of searching for a screwdriver or alan key.

Then the big reveal!   I first placed it on the original hangers from the prints that had been there before, although I was thinking it would have to be lower to have the full effect.   Oh dear!   I had not really thought about how big that wall was.   

Then I tried it on the alternative wall - bingo!   I love the way it pulls in the plants that I have incorporated into that area.   It really is more of a feature wall since everyone sitting in the living room looks straight at it.  Something lovely to look at instead of the TV!  I couldnt be happier. 

I really do love my African Batiks that I purchased in a market in Tanzania, so was happy to re-install them above the couch.   
Photowall has generously offered a discount  for any of my readers who order from May 28th through August 1st..  Use code africanaussie2021 for a 25% discount for any product on their website.

 Hop in quick because an offer like this does not come around every day.  There is a huge variety of items on offer, and they will even make products from your own photos!   
Do you have an area that needs an upgrade? Let me know what you order, I would love to see your big reveal!


  1. It looks great and I'm sure you feel great after giving the place a wash and spruce up. Have a good week. Kathy

  2. That looks really lovely and you have placed it on just the right wall by the looks of it. We had renos done here a couple of years ago and I never did get around to putting up the photos again in the lounge room. Oops! I will have to get motivated after seeing your efforts.

  3. It's a lovely print Gill.
    I have lots of African art on my walls, and most of my paintings on the walls all over the house, so no more art for me.

    1. Lucky you, you are talented enough to create art to hang on the wall. I have a few pieces on my blessing wall that I made using mixed media.

  4. Oh my! Your new artwork looks lovely.
    The play of the sun through the trees
    really looks uplifting.
    Enjoy the weekend...

    1. I love the sunlight through the leaves every morning, but it is so difficult to catch that on camera! thank you for your comment.

  5. I left a comment here the other day. I wonder where it went to 🤔

    1. Sorry about that - I had the settings requiring moderation when I was absent for a while and had not changed them back! All good now!


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