Tuesday, May 11, 2021

My happy place

 Just over a year ago I published a post here on this blog that announced I was moving to wordpress.  I had lost my job, the pandemic was big news, and I was feeling quite vulnerable.   I thought I would monetize my blog, and change to wordpress.   I gave it a bit of a try, but never really thought of that blog as "home"  After about 6 months I just stopped blogging.  I ventured into other avenues, and then eventually this year I officially retired.   

Life changes always make me re-think every aspect of my life.  I needed to assess where my happy places were.   One of them was writing this blog, so I am hoping I will slowly gather back the old readers and maybe add a few more along the way.   Turns out I didnt need that fancy monetized blog, I just needed a place to share my gardening, crafting, cooking ..... whatever struck my fancy, and blogging ticks all the boxes, so I am back!   😊😊

One of our favourite things to do is to walk on the beach every afternoon, and that has not stopped.  Sometimes now though I can go for a sunrise walk!

Yesterday when I walked at midday (gosh, it is awesome to be able to walk at different times, when my schedule is my own!) I noticed how clean and clear the beach is.   I dont know if people are using less plastic, but there was nothing on the beach other than one little piece of glass which I removed.  Awesome, pristine and so soul inspiring!

It is just the start of our cooler season, in the tropics you cannot really call it winter, but this is the season when we grow most of our vegetables.   I added some nice new raised beds against the fence this year and filled them using the lasagne method, slowly building up some good soil.  I think the garden is now looking so much neater and tidier, and wow, it looks as though the plants are loving it.

I have also been holding regular crafternoons, and realise that being able to create useful items, mostly fitting into either reduce, re-use or recycle categories makes me feel fulfilled.   Sharing those ideas with you enables me to keep a record and maybe inspire others.  (There might even be a book on crafternoons one day - save this space!)  This last crafternoons was basket weaving, and I will write a post on that soon.   It is amazing how many people come to crafternoons saying that they doubt their ability to create something.   They all leave with something they have been proud to create, and a greater sense of their own self worth. 

It also has to be said that my happy place is also in the kitchen, creating healthy meals.   Making up a meal plan and shopping list for the week so that I know in advance what I will cook.   Even more exciting is when I can pick something out of the garden for dinner.   At the moment it is just rocket and herbs, but there is nothing that beats going out into the garden with my harvesting basket that I made, to pick a few greens for my salad!  

I do hope that you all have lots of happy places, do you want to share yours in the comments?


  1. So nice to see you back again. We had planned to learn basket weaving at our simple living group before COVID arrived and it still hasn't happened as yet. I love the look of the ones in your photos. It is a good time to grow veggies here as well so I have planted out what we actually eat so there is no wastage from growing something we're not fond of.

  2. Oh how I have missed your blogs, and I am thrilled that you're back. Sometimes we just need to step back and take a good look at ourselves. So often we are so much happier just by making some small changes.

    Your gardens are coming along so nicely. I have always admired your work and appreciation for not only beauty but for the simple things. Nothing like a hand full of fresh greens or green beans, or a nice summer squash from our own gardens.

    Missed you a bunch dear lady.

  3. Welcome back! Your photos are always lovely and just hearing about how you are filling your days is interesting, especially because I live in Canada where the climate is very different. We have been noticing that the sky here is so blue and clear. I will miss that when everyone is jetting around the world again. I did a basket workshop years ago and loved it. Still have a little basket I made. I also have felt that somehow I should be making money on the internet but now I feel fine just doing my ordinary posts, enjoying my little patch of the blogosphere where a few regulars stop by - no pressure. My new Covid venture is writing very short fiction that I submit to Friday Flash Fiction. Lots of fun and a friendly, encouraging bunch of regular contributors.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      so good to re-connect again! It is good to settle into what feels right. Often trying to make money from something takes away the enjoyment, doesnt it? Oh I will have to look into Friday flash fiction, sounds like fun.


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