Thursday, May 16, 2019

The most wonderful time of the year

This really is the most wonderful time of the year in the tropics.  The weather cools down, and we are still having the occasional rain which keeps the soil damp.  In the side area we now have a roll out awning, which is great as it keeps the open feeling of the garden, but still gives us protection from the rain.

I spent some time clearing out the pathway and generally tidying up.  Tropical plants can take over and need to be tamed!

The area that you look out on against the fence was looking a bit sparse and uninteresting, so I removed one of the elkhorn ferns from the tree and attached it to a frame on the fence.  The fan palms are growing too big as they used to block the fence, but the leaves are now all above the fence....  I hung a few bromeliads on the trunk of one of them, and planted out a few cordelines.  I also strung some solar lights along the fence so it looks pretty looking out onto the garden at night.

Out in the back I am loving the raised beds, even when a bandicoot gets into the yard, they cannot jump up into the beds and destroy all my work!  win!win!
I have some zucchini flowers, cucumber flowers, eggplant flowers!  In the meantime, until the veggies start producing I am growing microgreens in my little greenhouse.  Fenugreek are my new favourite.

This butterfly bush is covered with flowers and makes me happy!  

Next weekend I am planning on making an insect motel - has anyone made one?  I would like to attract solitary bees so that I get lots of pollination. 


  1. Private courtyards for entertaining are great and I agree, the weather is so much nicer than that hot old summer.

  2. I bought a bee hotel a few years ago but I don't think the bees wanted to stay unfortunately. Glad the raised beds are working out for you. I just need to find room to put two so they get enough sun. The weather is so much better now and we can garden without getting fried.

  3. From my perspective I am enjoying the Autumn display before the gardens pretty much shut down for a few months. Such a relief after summers fruiting season and mowing. I have never done a bee hotel so can't offer any thoughts on that one.

  4. I've pinned lots of pictures and instructions on insect hotels on Pinterest, and have one halfway made, but it's taken a back seat lately to working in the garden. Some day I'll get back to it. I'm so amazed that you grow elkhorn ferns outside on your trees, year-round I would guess. I have one that I have to put in the greenhouse over the winter.


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