Monday, May 27, 2019

Meal prep - lots of beans

This Sunday when I did my meal prep it was all about beans.  I had seen a recipe for a black bean burger on minimalist baker - love her recipes :)  I used ground almonds instead of the walnuts, and added two eggs, and left out the sugar and barbeque sauce.  I processed the mixture in the food processor , and they held together very well.  As you can see the mixture was still a little chunky.

I cooked them in a skillet, and popped them straight into the freezer for lunches or dinners during the week.
I also had boiled a big pot of chickpeas, so made some green pea curried hummus.  Something different to your normal hummus for sure!  Grated ginger, lime peel and juice, green curry paste and tahini were added along with the chickpeas and green peas. 

Next was falafel,  and our local supermarket puts out a monthly magazine. I regularly try their recipes.  I often find regular falafel a bit dry, and loved the cauliflower addition.  This recipe is definitely a keeper. cauliflower falafel.   I sauteed them a bit first, and then finished them off in the oven.   I doubled the recipe and froze them in packs of five which will be perfect to add to a salad for my lunch as I did today.  The sauce I used was a tahini sauce I made last week.

I also ended up with about a cup of extra chickpeas which are frozen.  I soak my beans until they begin to sprout, changing the water often as this makes them much more digestible.
A few batches of muffins, one for church and one to keep for the munchies, and now I am all set for a couple of weeks.  I mostly do a big batch of cooking on the weekend, but then don't eat them all up during that week, so end up with lots of variety of goodies to add to salads or roast veggies during the week.
Do you cook just for the following week, or to fill up the freezer? 


  1. I am not keen on beans so won't be trying any of these out. I tend to shop once a week and cook each day with some things like soups carrying across a number of days. I only freeze excess produce.

  2. It feels great when you are organized and have meals in the freezer for dinner and lunches.

  3. I haven't had a big baking day for ages but your recipes look very tempting. There are lots of cauliflowers around at the moment so I really need to take advantage of their availability and cook up a nice meal with them.

  4. Excellent ideas! I cook every single day, and LOVE your idea of meal prep, something I really should look into. :-)

    1. It makes it so much easier when you come home late, or someone pops in unexpectedly.

  5. That sounds so efficient, and utterly delicious! I often prepare a double batch so I have one for later in the week in the fridge. Your not so dry falafel sound good.

  6. am visiting my daughter in Georgia USA at the moment and at the fall festival tried some amazing black bean burgers that seem to have mashed sweet potato, so am going to research that recipe


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