Friday, November 2, 2018

New plans for the veggie patch

Having done two overseas trips this year, and suffering drought conditions which led to water rationing for a year means my poor little garden has suffered.   My hubby did his best to keep watering at prescribed times, but we have had high winds, and then also visits by plenty of bandicoots.  They find a way in through the smallest possible little gap under the fence.
This has of course been very frustrating, and I began to wonder if in fact I really do love gardening.  It is all so hard.... miserable .... depressing......Oh my gosh I got myself into a deep place of miserableness. 
"Hello"  said the flowers on the dragonfruit, cheering me up a bit,
and the golden candles seem to be thriving in this weather,
Plus ....Yes!  there are lychees ripening, and I am sure there are other creatures watching for the minute they are ready to pick, just as I am!  

After having the family over for  a breakfast out in the garden, hubby and I had a little chat, and both feel so much better, because we have PLANS.  Big plans, so hopefully the budget complies and we find some awesome deals.

We are once again in the market for another gazebo/cover/awning.  In the past we have found some awesome deals for the gazebos, Although they really only last about three years.   We are thinking of looking at something a bit more permanent.   The old gazebo will be re-used in the veggie patch.  We really do need shade for veggies to grow properly in this climate, and I plan to build two raised beds, (or maybe four square ones? - one in each corner?) which will anchor it nicely, and also stop the bandicoots from getting into the beds. Not to mention that as I get older raised beds make more sense.

We have been digging out the roots of the Barbados cherry to remove it from the veggie patch.  It has become too big and unwieldy and I think was taking too much out of the soil.  I think there is a fine line as to what shade plants to use in a food forest!  My gosh those roots are tenacious though!   I will see how it goes with the shade of the gazebo, but might end up replacing the fabric with shade cloth.

So the work begins, and I wonder why I ever thought I didn't like gardening. I just needed to make some plans!


  1. I get discouraged sometimes too, because we get damage here from raccoons, which dig up newly planted areas looking for grubs and can wreak havoc. I had to google bandicoot to see what it was. I hope you once again have fun planning and working on your garden!

    1. Hi Alison, Yes I suppose everyone has something that causes problems in the garden. sometimes it just all seems to get overwhelming. It is nice to blog about it with like minded people.

  2. Never seen those two flowers from the top 2 photos, beautiful!
    Always great to make plans for the garden and get things going.
    The raised beds are a great idea, a few years ago we put in some low beds and now I think "why didn't we make them higher?" It's a pity those gazebos don't last long, but with some shade cloth they will be useful again over the veggie patch. We used a hills hoist that had fallen, reset it in cement over the veggie patch beds and covered it with shade cloth. Perfect!
    Happy gardening Gill

    1. Hi Sami,
      when we went into Bunnings I found some that are a bit lower and bought those because they were half the price of the others, so hope I haven't made a mistake. what a great idea to use a hills hoist. Now I have an awful log of digging!

  3. I am always discouraged by my vege growing. I think I am going to stick to flowers.

    1. Oh no! Don't give up! We will stick together. :)

  4. We've had bandicotts here before and they can really test the gardener in you! At the moment, we have a scrub turkey who keeps scratching away the mulch out the front. Out the back, it's a currawong that's realised the blueberries are ripening and who keeps stealing them! There's always something but I think that most gardeners are optimistic souls. I look forward to seeing your plans unfold here. Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg,
      yes last night I heard the bats outside getting their pick of the lychees. there is always something!


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