Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Crafternoons - rag quilting

I have mentioned before that once a month I have a group of friends get together and we do some sort of craft and share a cup of tea.  I do love these get togethers and so far it has mostly been me sharing some sort of craft.  We have done t shirt necklaces, crocheting granny squares, crocheting net bags, and sometimes we just bring along whatever we are working on at the moment.
Last Saturday we made rag quilt bags.  You might remember me making a memory quilt for my daughter here that I will be taking to her in September.

the weekend before I made up two different types of bags - it is so much easier to do them if you have one in front of you.   My rotary cutter decided that it had done its time, and there was no replacement in town, so I was beginning to get a little worried.  On a whim I asked my neighbour, who luckily had  a spare that she had picked up at an op shop ages back.  I was all set, I had a bunch of spare fabric, some already cut up into 5" squares, some bigger pieces, and the ladies also brought a selection of their own fabrics.
This one is more like a handbag, I think I am going to take it overseas with me.  It is light and roomy.  I am going to try to only take items of clothing that are black white and pink, so this will match everything. This is the link to the instructions that I used, I added another square on top so I could close the bag, and made different handles.

The other bag is a tote bag.

We had a little seven month old at crafternoons and she was so good - slept in her stroller for a long time, and then just sat and played with my old tape measure!  Her Mom decided to make a quilt instead of a bag, so we had fun cutting out squares and seeing how it was all going to work out. 

Has anyone else done rag quilting?  I really love doing it - so quick and easy and forgiving of uneven seams.  Next month we will be making bowl cozy quilts - I am thinking they will make great Christmas presents. 


  1. I have made three rag quilts but never a bag. Thanks for the link. I have pinned it to have a look at later when I have time. I have been too busy today turning 70. LOL!

    1. Congratulations, Happy Birthday. I like the fact that these bags have a little bit of body to them.

  2. Rag quilting looks like fun and a lot more forgiving than normal quilting. The bags look great, will pin the link for a future project. I wish I had a crafts group too as I find I produce more if I work with other people and produce a lot less if I'm on my own.

    1. Sami,
      Oh it is, i have some quite wonky seams, but they all come out great in the wash. I found that the only groups available charged so much, so decided just to create one on my own. Sometimes I only get two or three, but it is fun and the longer I do it, the more people are interested..

  3. I love craft groups they are such a feel good thing to do. I was in one for many years and when I moved interstate I ended up in another one. I love the rag quilt as I made one for my son and daughter each a few years ago.

  4. I have never tried a rag quilt but they look lovely. I might give it a go one day but I have lots of other projects to complete before I start something new.

  5. Your rag quilt is lovely. Maybe someday I'll try my hand at making one, maybe. I've so many other things going at once. ;-)

  6. I have not really done any quilting, a few half-hearted attempts that I never finished! Your rag quilt and bags look great, a memory quilt is a lovely idea! Meg:)


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