Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter weekend spent in the garden

Happy Easter to all - a little late, but I was out in the garden!  Four whole days doing gardening related activities.  Can life get any better?
On Saturday we went shopping and I spent my birthday coupons - what fun!  I decided to incorporate a couple of plants inside and have a row of terracotta planters with aloe vera on on the kitchen counter.

Then I also found an amazing stand and pot that now has a spathiphyllum in it.  Bringing the outdoors inside a little bit!

A lot of work was done in the veggie patch.  I laid out another soaker hose as my old ones perished.  Chook poo (chicken manure) was spread out over the main bed where I added lime a couple of weeks ago.  This was then covered over with a few layers of wet newspaper and some sugar cane mulch.
 Some things have done well in the greenhouse - my tomato seedlings have done well - I planted a few out into the garden.  Red cherry and yellow pear, the rest of the tomato plants were transferred into deeper pots and remain in the greenhouse.  The tatsoi has just grown long and leggy as well as the lettuces, so think I will plant seeds direct.  The corn out in the garden has either been eaten or has suffered from dieback, so there are only four plants remaining.  Against this trellis in the above photo I planted cucumber and against the back fence I planted snow peas.   I cant always grow snow peas, but on the way into work this morning the temperature was 22* C so I count that as a good sign.
I want to start some silverbeet, and more kale -  already there is some doing well in the greenhouse along with the peppers and moneymaker tomatoes and I will be planting those out into the garden in early May.

The cactus rose along the front path were all tidied up and some of them re-potted.  I added a white gravel mulch.

I bought some more big pots and then the fruit trees in fruit salad alley were re-pottted as well. Home made compost and five in one were added to the potting soil.  The mondo grass at the back was trimmed right back and the passion-fruit vine was also trimmed.  The strawberries were moved into the veggie garden as they were being covered over by the passion-fruit.  I see lots of delicious tasty fruit and veg in my future.

Did you also spend your time over the long weekend working in the garden?


  1. We spent lots of time out in the garden over the long weekend and I agree wholeheartedly, there isn't anything better than that! I like the sound of "fruit salad alley". We have baby passionfruit beginning to form and mandarins that will be ripe not far away. I planted out a row of lemongrass along one side of my driveway fence because I'm trying to grow more mulch material. My husband got in a cut back lots of plants, including the Xanadu plants that have grown so healthily under part of our front verandah ... a bit too healthily with their roots running out into the lawn! Meg:)

    1. Meg, it sounds as though you also had a very productive weekend. I love using lemongrass as mulch, and in a strip might be better than a clump. I am growing mine in a strip now. I always think the smell might deter pests, but am not sure!

  2. What a great way to spend a long weekend Gill, your garden is looking beautiful.
    Unfortunately no time spent in the garden for me, although it's in need of some loving care...
    Our passion-fruit vine is also taking over everything and needs a big haircut!

    1. Hi Sami, I find that passionfruit does better after a haircut. hope you get osme time to spend out in the garden soon.

  3. So glad that you had the opportunity to spend lots of time in your garden over the Easter weekend.
    It's too hot here to garden...I'm just trying to keep on top of the weeds and the grass.
    I am enjoying your garden posts....so happy for you.

    1. Hi Virginia, we have had a terribly hot summer so I am enjoying the cooler weather and making the most of it. Yes the weeds seem to enjoy hot weather dont they?


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