Thursday, September 29, 2016

Garden share collective - Garden philosophy

Months, it has been months since I last posted.  admittedly I was away - wandering through castles in France with one daughter and her husband, and then in the USA with my younger daughter, husband and grandson, then some time in Sydney with my hubby.  Wow - it sure is hard to get back into some kind of routine!

Luckily my garden survived but I have had very little free time to spend in it lately, and have just been watering and weeding.  Also just plopping spare cardboard on top of weeds - my quick way of weeding! I have tons of weeds and they are all going to seed.  Ahhh! Here is my poor herb spiral - if you look carefully you can see some herbs.  One thing that is doing well is the citronella - not sure if it keeps the mozzies away but it smells nice.

My philosophy is to create a vibrant, healthy garden, full of good things to eat, lovely flowers to admire and a place where friends and family love to gather.
I never quite harvest a huge amount to eat, but golly it is a lovely place to gather, and my heart sings when my grandson comes to visit and his eyes sparkle when he sees mulberries he can pick, even if it is only one or two!  Fruit salad alley is a "thing" in their young lives, and they know that the scraps placed into the worm buckets or compost are going to become wonderful fertilizer for the garden.
Thinking about this I realize that my garden philosophy encompasses my whole life - giving me enjoyment, relaxation and exercise.  The food I harvest is a bonus.
Since I got back I have had an afternoon tea for 10 ladies, numerous dinners under the gazebo, and even weekend breakfasts, and they all revolve around the garden.

I look around my garden and this is what is going on:
Tatsoi and rocket is obviously something I will always include in my garden - it actually thrived on no care:  as it gets hotter though they will slowly begin to wilt and die.

Eggplant, the little round thai eggplant, but the long lebanese ones are doing ok too in the wicking beds.

Carrot looked amazing, but I pulled one up and it is a scrawny little thing, so will leave them be for now and give them lots of water.

My one Mangel wurzel is getting big, not sure about how or when to harvest, but it was fun to try, if only becuase it has a funny name.

Beetroot - look good as usual, but just a tiny bulb - does anyone know why?  I also have trouble with radish not forming a bulb, is it something I am doing?  I normally loosen the soil when I plant.

Choko - at last I have lots of choko - reaching up to the sky. they do seem to be getting stung by something.  Making choko and tomato chutney this weekend.

Cherry tomato are everywhere - they are slowly beginning to ripen,

Fruit salad alley:
Lemon and lime trees are blossoming and tiny fruits forming.  Mulberries, tons of little fruit - once I netted it we have been able to harvest a couple of fruit a day. a few acerola cherries every day.  a couple of pawpaws a week.  Lots of passionfruit, but I hear a rat has been visiting and chewing the green fruits off before they ripen...

I hope I answered the question ok - it was a hard one!  Check out all the other gardeners who have linked up to the garden share collective here.   A fresh legacy - garden philosophy


  1. Welcome back to Blogland Gill. Your garden's looking pretty productive even though you've had so much time away. Sign of a healthy garden I think that it doesn't need fussing over all the time.

    1. Hi Ros,
      thank you, luckily we had rain, and they say the more compost you add the better your soil can stand times of stress. Off to see what you have been doing in your new garden.

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful time away visiting family.
    your garden looks great, love the gerberas flowering in your herb garden there too
    thanx for sharing

    1. Hi Selena,
      Havent seen you around in ages. that was the only sunny spot I could find, and they seem quite happy there. Hopefully they bring in pollinators.

  3. I adore your philosophy, you answered it beautifully. The garden is a special place to gather and spend time.
    It is great to have you back. Your trip sounds wonderful. Magical places and time spent with family - perfection.

    1. Thank you Kyrstie,
      I am looking forward to get into blogging again - I missed it!

  4. Welcome back Gill, you seem to have had a wonderful time travelling. Despite your time away your garden hasn't done too badly. I also had lots of weeds because of the rain, but they are now all under control! My two passionfruit vines are full of fruit, but lots seem to fall with the rain and wind, before they mature.

    1. Sami,
      Thank you, weeds grow way too fast around here, I dont think I will ever have them under control.

  5. Lucky you, all that travelling must have been wonderful. I'm sure it won't be too long until you have your garden under control again.

  6. Hi Jan,
    I had guests for dinner on Saturday night and their reaction to my ladyslipper orchid - oh my! oh my! OH MY! was enough to get me out into the garden both Sunday and Monday. Piles of weeds and lots of overgrowth cut back, and the garden is now looking good!


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