Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flowers, fruit and tea

The cordelines are flowering and I think they look quite scruffy.  The bees and honeyeaters love the flowers though.  I thought I would take a closer look at the flowers.  They are quite untidy as the birds go crazy pulling bits off, and they go in all different diections....
 Taking a closer look shows how pretty they are though.  They remind me of the flowers on the bromeliads.
 At long last my passionfruit vine has flowers, and fruit.  It has taken so long - I am really not sure why.  Fruit salad alley is sure looking productive lately.  Lemons, limes, the odd strawberry and mulberry, and now passionfruit.  It is perfectly place near the front door because you can smell their sweet scent even before you see the flowers.  It is like living in paradise.  I am truly blessed.
 Sometimes I experiment with seeds that I am not sure will grow in my climate.  I ordered a bag of seeds specially for teas. Lemon Balm, cinnamon basil, chamomile, anise and mint.  I hope they grow, I have had a lot of success with the seeds I order from The seed Collection, and they have published an article I wrote for them on composting in small places.  Have a look here Composting systems for small gardens.
I planted it next to the mexican tarragon in the herb spiral.  My grandkids think I am awesome growing lollies in the garden - peppermint and liquorice, and hopefully next we can make flower tea!


  1. I think the pink cordeline flowers are rather pretty.

    That passionflower is stunning.

    Hope you have much success with growing herbs for teas.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

    1. thank you for visiting Lorraine, sometimes I just have to look a little closer to see the beauty. In Hawaii they make a perfume from that passionflower, I just love them, and you get fruit too!

  2. Pretty cordelines. I have loads of passionfruit already, I would say in a week or two they should be ripe! Good luck with all your tea herbs.

    1. sami,
      I guess my vine just wanted to fruit in its own time.

  3. That's a really great idea to grow herbs to make tea.....splendid idea.
    All I have in my garden now is blue vervain and lemongrass...two very helpful herbs for all kinds of ailments.
    If you can get some lemon basil as well, you can use the flower tops to make tea, it is delicious. I served some of this delicious tea at my Swap/Tea Party this year.

    1. Virginia, Oh I will have to look around for some lemon basil. That blue vervain looks like an interesting herb. I had never heard of it before.


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