Thursday, March 24, 2016

Garden recovering after the lychee tree prune

About six weeks ago we had the lychee tree pruned again - this time we had the top lopped off. that was what should have happened last time.  Now it should be easier to maintain the tree at a manageable height. Of course this meant that the entire middle section of the tree had no leaves for shading my lovely tropical shade loving plants!  There were definitely some sunburn issues, even death in some cases.  I have had some shades cloths and umbrellas over the vulnerable areas. but new leaves are sprouting and at long last the intense summer heat seems to be waning.
 The area with my umbrella palms can stand out now as a feature, instead of hiding away behind the lychee tree branches.  This area was not affected, even though it now gets more light.
 The golden candles definitely is enjoying the sunshine, and I love the purple of the geisha girl together with the yellow.  This is a favourite area for the sunbirds and honey-eaters.   They are not at all shy and will come down for a bath in the bird bath with me working right alongside them.
I have been busy prepping the veggie garden for planting, so even though I have been quiet on the blog I have not been idle in the garden.


  1. The Fluted Fan Palm are stunning. Thank you for sharing your garden with me!

  2. I love the Golden Candles, I will have to see if they will grow here in South Australia.

  3. I missed this post..don't know why...but....I LOVE your umbrella palms,and I'm glad they're getting the chance to strut their stuff in your garden....they're absolutely beautiful.
    You already know I'm a palmaholic so now I will ask for one for my birthday...tee hee.


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