Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday weekly menu

I have a couple of linkys that I am joining in to do my weekly menu plans - It is great as I can get tips and it also keeps me doing it
These are the places I am linking to

Here is my weekly menu with costs.

Week 1 Lunch Dinner Shopping list
Mon  Lentil soup Leftover curried chicken with rice and dahl. oats .99, granola 3.85,greek yoghurt 5.00, chocolate chips 3.10, milk 2.70
Tues prawns with salad Indivual meat loaves, sweet potato, salad
Wed Tuna patties with salad Pork chops with Jamies stir fried vegetables Prawns 4.76, Frozen pizza on clearance 3.00, T bone steaks 7.48, Porterhouse steaks 11.28,  eggs 3.50,  
Thur Curried lentil soup Chargrilled chicken drumsticks with tabbouli
Fri Leftover chicken with salad Frozen pizza with salad Mushrooms 2.98, slaw 2.25, leek 1.98, carrots 1.98, sweet potatoes 3.92, cucumber 1.5  pumpkin 3.88, watermelon 4.15, pears 2.48, mandarins 1.35, lemons 2.78, strawberries 4.00
Sat Meat loaf with salad Black bean and ham soup- cook extra beans for tues salad. Banana chock chip muffins
Sun Black bean and ham soup T bone steaks with salad on barbeque


  1. Good for you for menu planning. I started writing all my meals for the week and it really helped my shopping expeditions. But I'm afraid I couldn't keep it up. Perhaps I'll do it again later.

  2. Great idea to do the menu planning before going shopping, it will certainly cut down on the costs. Thanks Gill.


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